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How To Keep Kids Entertained on Road Trips

May 26, 2022

How do you entertain children while travelling? Long car rides can be exhausting for adults, let alone those little busy-bodies, but a cross-country road trip can quickly become an exciting adventure with thorough planning. Why Do I Need to Entertain My Kids on a Road Trip? When asking yourself how do you entertain children while travelling, you first need to ask why it's important. There are three main reasons why you need to plan to keep your kids entertained on road trips: Boredom What should kids do on a road trip when bored? Without anything to keep them busy, your... Read More

How To Survive These 10 Driving Emergencies

April 28, 2022

An emergency is an unexpected, dangerous situation requiring immediate action. In an emergency, drivers have to make big decisions in record time. Being prepared for an emergency while driving may save your life and the lives of others. So, how do drivers cope with emergencies, and what should you do in these top 10 driving emergencies?  Basic Road Safety Tips  Always wear your seatbeltFollow traffic laws, but be aware that others may disobeyStay alert at all timesStock your car with a basic emergency kit. You can never be over-prepared for a driving emergencyKeep weather conditions in mind when you're driving.... Read More

Is Roadside Assistance Worth Getting? Read Here For All You Need To Know

April 19, 2022

You’re plodding along on a lovely little Sunday drive, enjoying your day, minding your own business, smelling the roses… *sniff sniff*... annnd… smoke from the bonnet? Or maybe you’ve been driving along and one, two, three *CRACK*! You’ve gone over a bump too hard and damaged your windscreen. Your disappointment is immeasurable and your day is ruined. Now you have to worry about fixing the damn thing!  Who do you even call? What was your cover again? Did you have RACV car insurance, or did you have AAMI roadside assist? Or did you have the RACV roadside assistance?  Fear not! ... Read More

Who Is Responsible When A Rock Hits Your Windshield?

March 31, 2022

Have you ever been driving along on a nice spring-time country drive, minding your own business, having a blast of a time, to then notice a truck is approaching from the other direction? You might shift your driving position from one handed to ten-and-two, in anticipation for the vortex of wind the truck will make as you drive past. After a quick shove from the truck's draft, BANG! A high velocity rock has hit your windscreen.  Bloomin’ great! This is exactly what you needed. Can you even keep driving with this thing cracked? And who is responsible for fixing it?... Read More

The Different Types of Car Window Tinting and Their Benefits

March 3, 2022

Although it won't necessarily save our planet, car window tinting goes a long way to keeping your car's energy usage down and the interior comfortably cool. At the same time, it also puts less strain on that trusted air conditioning system in the sweltering Perth summer months. Here are the reasons you should consider tinting your car windows, the different types to consider, and their respective benefits.  Reasons to Tint Your Car Windows  Car window tinting needs vary from one place to another and depend on the climate in your area. However, all tinting films must provide some protection against... Read More

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer By Renovating a Caravan for Travel

March 3, 2022

In the last decade, many adventurers have taken to renovating a caravan for travel. In 2011, for example, Foster Huntington quit his job to travel the US in his new home: a 1987 Volkswagen Syncro.  Most of his days were spent surfing, taking photos of his van parked in extraordinary locations and posting the pictures on Instagram. Even though the app wasn't nearly as popular back then as it is now, he managed to accumulate more than a million followers, often using the hashtag #vanlife.  Since then, Huntington's journey has inspired many working individuals to resign or work remotely while... Read More