Buying a second hand car checklist

A Guide to Getting Your P-Plates in WA

September 25, 2019

Getting your license are exciting times but there is a lot to learn before getting your P plates and becoming an independent driver.  This guide will help you navigate your way through the entire process starting from getting your learner’s permit, to completing the hazard perception test, and finally get ready for your practical driving assessment.  Getting your learner’s permit The whole journey will begin with getting your learner’s permit. To obtain your L plates you will first need to sit and pass the Computerised Theory Test (CTT). The minimum age required to sit the test is 16 and you... Read More

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Things To See And Do In Kalgoorlie

August 19, 2019

If you are planning a trip in Kalgoorlie, don't miss on these spots and activities our Kalgoorlie team recommends! Looking for gold! Famously known for the gold rush in the 1900’s, Kalgoorlie offers a number of prospecting and fossicking services allowing you to hunt for gold and more. Activities can include prospecting for minerals, fossicking rocks and gemstones, mineral testing, camping and sampling. To participate in prospecting or fossicking there are a few golden rules to follow you will also require a mining permit, a 40E permit and written permission from tenement holder. There are plenty of things to see... Read More

Australia's longest drives

Counting down Australia’s Top 7 Longest Drives

July 24, 2019

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? Fresh country air, the open road and a final destination that you’re so eager to reach.  Whether you’re travelling with a partner or the whole family, if there’s one thing we can all agree on is that a road trip can really test your patience. Being confined to a small space for 300-400kms can start to bring out the worst in people, that’s why we always recommend in-car entertainment. But what about those really really long drives? We’ve all probably driven down south to Margaret River (270km from Perth CBD) or Pemberton (324km... Read More

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Relive The Glory Days with WA Car Enthusiast Clubs

July 1, 2019

From classic and vintage cars, to brand new makes and models, these Western Australian car enthusiast clubs let you relive a great era of Australian motoring. You’re out on the Perth roads one weekend and a wave of 20 classic cars cruise past you bumper to bumper, engines grunting, exhausts popping and suddenly your hit with a sense of nostalgia. You remember the first car your parents had owned as a child, the sensation of opening the door and smelling the leather interior for the first time, it’s a moment you’ll never forget. Whether you’ve just bought a new or... Read More

Towards Zero - Safety Message

WA One Step Closer to Safer Roads, Towards Zero

April 11, 2019

Since 2008, there has been a 27% decrease in road fatalities and seriously injured on Western Australian roads. As Easter Long weekend approaches and the level of traffic increases on our roads, communities across Western Australia band together for Blessing of the Roads 2019. What is Blessing of the Roads? The ceremony is a symbolic gesture for motorists, passengers, and everyone on the roads over the Easter long weekend, to have a shared responsibility to drive safe. The campaign focuses on raising awareness for all road users about the need to exercise care, courtesy and common sense when travelling on... Read More

Is australia ready for electric cars?

Is Australia Amped and Ready For An Electrifying Future?

March 29, 2019

We may not have flying cars or hoverboards just yet, but are we ready for electric cars? Apparently not, as Australia is currently listed as one the slowest countries in the world to adopt the electric car revolution. According to data provided by EV Volumes, China led electric car sales in 2017 with 606,000, followed by USA with 200,000, and Norway with 82,000. It is predicted that by the end of 2018 there will be a total of 2.1 million electric vehicle plug-in sales worldwide with 350-360k in the US, 420-430k in Europe, 1150k in China, and 160k from others.... Read More