Head-up-display on Hyundai Kona

Your Guide to HUD: What Car Heads-Up Display Is All About

January 30, 2021

If you’ve always fantasised about bringing some car heads-up display magic to your car, you’re in luck. As fellow car-gadget enthusiasts, we’re here to break down everything you need to know about car heads-up display in our guide to HUD below. We all need a little bit of augmented reality sometimes. The reality is, your car can get in on the action too! However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when using a HUD system in Western Australia.  Keeping Your Eyes on the Road: What Exactly is HUD? In very basic technical terms, it is a... Read More

Lights Trail 2019 Perth

Where to See The Best Christmas Lights in Perth 2020

December 18, 2020

If you’re looking to see the best Christmas lights Perth has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. It’s that special time of the year again where our quiet, sleepy neighbourhoods spring to life as families and friends gather to witness a spectacular display of Christmas lights. And honestly, what’s there not to love about Christmas in Perth? You’ve got neighbours cleaning out the Bunnings light section and going head-to-head as they deck out their homes with more competitive spirit than the Derby.  Streets filled to the brim with families, kids, couples and friends, wandering through each enchanting display... Read More

Where to Find The Spookiest Houses to Safely Trick or Treat in Perth 2020

Where to Find The Spookiest Houses to Safely Trick or Treat in Perth 2020

September 30, 2020

The best-decorated houses for Halloween in Perth, as well as tips on how to safely trick or treat during COVID-19. It’s almost that time of the year again when all the creepy and scary creatures of the night come out to play. When we say creepy and scary, we actually mean loud and hypo.  And with creatures of the night, we actually mean sugar-fueled kids dressed as ghouls & ghosts terrorising the neighborhood. But hey, who’s one to deny our children the true experience of Halloween and just how much fun it can be.  As a child, my parents would... Read More

car factory tint vs tint films

How to Find Out Your Car Window Tint Percentage

July 22, 2020

Whether you bought a new or second-hand car, it’s important to know what your car window tint percentage is. This is ­particularly vital if you are looking to further tint your windows and to ensure that the darkness of your tint adheres to your local law enforcement’s regulations.  There are many reasons why ­you would want to tint your windows, ranging from climate control to UV protection, or even for safety reasons in the event of a crash. But how can you be certain what your window tint percentage really is and whether it’s a legal percentage? We will take... Read More

perth Best Dog Beaches

Top 7 Dog Beaches in Perth

July 22, 2020

An outing to the beach is without a doubt your dog's highlight of the week. That's why we hand-picked our top dog beaches in Perth that are a short drive away and will get your dog’s tail wagging.  Since Perth is renowned for its long stretches of shoreline lapped by pristine waves, there’s no reason why you can’t share it with man’s best friend. However, always remember to check the tide as well as when the wind will pick up to ensure a safe and comfortable stroll with your pooch.  In no particular order, here are some of Peth’s best... Read More

What to Do After a Car Break-In

What to Do After a Car Break-In

July 21, 2020

There's nothing like the awful feeling when you come across a car break-in and smashed window and not knowing what to do and where to start. It’s important to take the right steps and in the right order when your car gets broken into, especially when your car window has been smashed and items have been stolen. What Can I Do Until I Can Get My Window Repaired? If you have a hairline or bullseye crack in your window, you can temporarily seal it with quality tape. Clear packing tape is a good choice as it will seal well and... Read More