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We will take the hassle out of fixing your windscreen dilemma. You can have your windscreen replacement carried out at our Perth, Kalgoorlie or Newman workshops.
If you’re struggling to get to us, we can send one of our fully fitted vehicles to you, for your windshield service.


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About the Windscreen Glass

We value your safety and comfort on the road. This is why we use only tough glass that comes with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship.Don’t just take our word on it, the glass we use meets all the Australian Design Rule (ADR8/01) requirements and complies with the Australian Standard (AS/NZS 2080:2006).To ensure further safety and to avoid pesky leaks, Dean’s Autoglass supplies custom-cut window rubbers.

Our auto glass selection is available for vehicles of all makes and models and comes fitted with the custom-cut window rubbers.


Is it safe to drive with a cracked windscreen?

Keeping a cracked windscreen on the road might seem more like an aesthetic compromise than a safety one.

There are multiple factors however that can make your windscreen go from seemingly fine to shattered in a split second. The outdoor and road have plenty of factors that can contribute to transforming a small crack into a fissure. Flying rocks, wide temperature variations, sudden pressure fluctuation and hail, to name a few, can have a negative impact on these pre-existing chips.

At worst, a cracked windscreen will also considerably compromise your overall car safety in the event of a collision and put you in an even more dangerous situation than it is already.
So, to put is plainly: no, it isn’t safe but we can help you replace this windscreen quickly.

Do I have to replace my chipped windscreen?

You can get a chip repaired to a certain extent. First of, the size and shape of the chip or crack are a major factor. If a chip is over 2.5cm wide or a crack is up to 7.5cm, they both can be repaired. However, the location of the impact on your windscreen plays a role too. If it impairs the drivers vision in any way, replacement is highly recommended as repairs leave glass distortions that can impede the driver. Finally, the severity of the impact can simply push the windscreen past the point of being repaired safely. Do keep in mind that, if you have already had your windscreen repaired in the past, it is safer to replace it altogether if new ones occur. Either way, don’t leave cracks unattended. If you are not sure about the way to go, contact us for professional advice.

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