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Windscreen Repair and Windscreen Replacement in Kalgoorlie

Have you fallen victim to a stray rock being flung from beneath the vehicle in front of you?
We know exactly how frustrating a chipped or cracked windscreen can be to repair or replace, especially since in most circumstances it wasn’t your fault.
Unfortunately, ignoring the issue could make things worse and what started out as a simple repair could result in a more expensive fix.
A windscreen has been designed to protect you from projectiles and to keep you safe in the event of a collision or sudden impact.
Driving with a damaged windscreen weakens the structural integrity of your vehicle and puts your safety at risk as it is less likely to protect you.
This is why we recommend having your windscreen repaired or replaced by Dean’s Autoglass Kalgoorlie.

We’ll get you back on the road

From standard four-door sedans to commercial utes, courier vans and trucks, we repair and replace windscreens for all vehicle makes and models.
We understand how frustrating and time consuming it can be to change or fix a damaged windscreen, that’s why we’re more than happy to come to you.
Our expert technicians will take care of your windscreen at your home or job site so that you can get back to your day.
We provide fast and efficient windscreen repairs and replacements from Kalgoorlie to Newman, and the Perth Metro area.

Contact us now for a free quote

Talk to us for ADAS recalibration after a windscreen replacement

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance System, which is a term used for a collection of technology used to assist the driver in avoiding on-road collisions. Using cameras, radars, sensors and other systems to inform the vehicle of what’s in front, behind and on the sides, will  alert the driver of any incoming hazards. The majority of the cameras and sensors are actually housed inside the windscreen or mounted on the roof peer through the screen.

These days, most modern vehicles are equipped with ADAS technology, but you would know them more as safety features, such as Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning and Emergency Braking.

Because most of the cameras and sensors are housed within the windscreen, they require calibration after the windscreen has been replaced. This is a requirement as per the vehicle manufacturer to ensure they continue to function and keep the driver safe. 

If you know your vehicle is fitted with Advanced Driver Assistance Technology, calibration may be required after having your windscreen replaced. If you’re passing Kalgoorlie, make sure to stop by Dean’s Autoglass for an ADAS recalibration and we’ll get you back on the road pronto.


COVID-19: Your Safety Comes First

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, the health and safety of our community – our clients and staff alike – remain our highest priority. We are being pro-active in minimising the risk of spreading the disease by putting a considerable amount of new measures.

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We offer 24 hour emergency service in Kalgoorlie

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