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Driving Tips To Beat The Heat

As we enter the peak of summer and temperatures begin to soar, driving can become a bit of an annoyance, or in the worst cases hazardous as our vehicles turn into portable ovens. Driving in extreme heat can pose significant challenges and risks, but by taking a few simple precautions we can ensure your safety and comfort is optimal this summer. Here are some simple tips to stay cool and safe on the roads this season. Stay Hydrated It is extremely important to keep hydrated, especially on longer drives. Always bring a bottle of water before heading out. Slip Slop... Read More

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A Night Out Under The Stars

The weather is warming up and late outdoor activities are now things you can consider. Catching a movie outside is now in season and we have created a list of drive-in and outdoor cinemas in Perth for you. Kookaburra Outdoor Cinema | November – April Enjoy a movie immersed in an enchanted forest under the stars at the Kookaburra Outdoor Cinema in Mundaring. Hidden from the hustle and bustle of Perth, the magical cinema screens latest releases, contemporary and international films throughout the summer holidays. The venue can seat up to 310 patrons with room for people to bring their... Read More

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Western Australia’s Most Scenic Drives

As we say goodbye to those dull and rainy winter days and welcome back the beautiful and sunny days of summer, it is time to hit the road jack! With the holidays around the corner and the kids itching for adventure, we have taken the liberty of packing your itinerary with some of Western Australia’s most scenic drives.   Perth Hills   As we look to head approximately 35 kms inland, we discover the beautiful and hilly drive of the Mundaring Weir through to Zigzag Road in Kalamunda. The drive to Mundaring Weir consists of numerous twisting roads immersed in... Read More

Things to see in Newman

There is plenty of gorgeous spots to drive to around Newman; we compiled our team's favourite ones for you to enjoy.   Karijini National Park   Credit: Ian Beattie Photography   Not quite situated in the heart of Newman but is most accessible from Newman following a 3 hour drive 280kms North West is the world-renowned and spectacular Karijini National Park. Surviving the test of time, the park has been shaped and carved over millions of years to create breath taking gorges, hiking trails, hidden lakes, and watercourses. There is an abundance of wildlife and wildflowers in the area so... Read More

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Things To See And Do In Kalgoorlie

If you are planning a trip in Kalgoorlie, don't miss on these spots and activities our Kalgoorlie team recommends!   Looking for gold!   Famously known for the gold rush in the 1900’s, Kalgoorlie offers a number of prospecting and fossicking services allowing you to hunt for gold and more. Activities can include prospecting for minerals, fossicking rocks and gemstones, mineral testing, camping and sampling. To participate in prospecting or fossicking there are a few golden rules to follow you will also require a mining permit, a 40E permit and written permission from tenement holder. There are plenty of things... Read More


Family Day Trips Around Perth

As a local resident of the ‘sleepy city’, Perth, it’s hard to digest that our relaxed and isolated city was once a part of the top 10 most livable cities in the world ranking 7th place. Our epic beaches and relaxed lifestyle has attracted visitors from all across the world but as a local I still find myself asking the question ‘what is there to do in Perth?’ every weekend. With the arrival of spring it’s time to hit the outdoors and see what Perth has to offer, here is a list of locations for family day trips around Perth:   Araluen... Read More

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