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Dean' Autoglass-covid 19 measures

How Dean’s Auto Glass is Responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, the health and safety of our community - our clients and staff alike - remain our highest priority. We ensure you that we are being pro-active in minimising the risk of spreading the disease. We have reviewed our protocols and introduced additional measures to ensure that we can continue to serve you and future clients. Additional measures already in place include: Providing hand sanitiser in the reception areaAll Glaziers are equipped with hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipesRegularly cleaning frequently touched surfaces (i.e. door handles, EFTPOS machine, counter etc) with disinfectantCleaning keys and car... Read More


Considering Tinting Your Car Windows? Check the Laws First

Car window tinting is more than just a luxury, with most car makers offering window tint on new vehicles to help reduce harmful UV rays and achieve a more comfortable ride. As a result, there has been a rise of older vehicle owners wanting to tint their car windows. With a high demand for car window tinting on both new and old car owners, we explore Australian Laws around window tinting and how it could affect you. Whether you have chosen to DIY or get it professionally done, it’s a good idea to understand what are the laws of window... Read More

Car restoration guide

Modern Technology Gives Classic Car Restorations New Life

For most owners, classic cars are weekend joy rides that spend most of their time stored in a garage.  And then there are those who prefer to enjoy their classic beauties everyday of the week running errands, driving to and from work and using them as much as possible. However, as all classic car enthusiasts would know too well, is the difficulty and hassle of driving a classic car. If you think about how easy and comfortable modern cars drive thanks to features like power steering, electronic braking system, and of course air conditioning —   And now compare it to... Read More

6 of the Quirkiest Road Rules You Might Be Breaking in Australia

6 of the Quirkiest Road Rules You Might Be Breaking in Australia

Tourists or not, even as Aussies from another state, we’ve come to realise just how strange and different each state’s road rules can be. Unlike two thirds of the world, we are a nation who prefers to drive on the left side of the road, that is unless you’ve got some place to be, then it’s pedal to the metal in the right lane. While most of us are aware of our own states current road rules and the standard set out across the nation, including drink driving, speeding, mobile usage and overtaking, when was the last time you had... Read More

Whopping Fines For WA Motorists Using Mobiles While Driving

Whopping Fines For WA Motorists Using Mobiles While Driving

Get ready to dig deep ($1000 to be exact) if you’re caught illegally using your mobile while driving on WA roads. Western Australia has decided to implement steeper fines and harsher penalties for those who are caught using the mobile while driving. Come July 1 2020, you can expect to be hit with a whopping $1000 fine and 4 demerit points if you are caught browsing the internet, emailing, using social media or watching videos while driving. (even if your mobile is mounted). According to Road Safety Commission WA, a driver can only touch a mobile phone to receive and... Read More

Why Does The Colour of Your Car Matter?

If you drive a silver, red or grey coloured car, it might be the reason why your insurance premium is a little on the expensive side. If you’re deciding on a new car you might want to spend a little more time choosing the right colour. We’ve all heard that white and black cars get dirty “faster”, usually because it’s more noticeable on these colours and not so much the speed factor. Darker coloured cars also tend to get hotter because they absorb heat from the sun at a faster rate. However, the main reason why the colour of your... Read More

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