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5 Major Perth Road Projects Causing Motorist Mayhem

From road closures, reduced speed limits, detours and bumper-to-bumper traffic, here are some of Perth’s biggest road projects. Armadale Road Upgrade Location: Tapper Road to Anstey Road. Timeline: Construction commenced March 2018 and is due for completion by the end of 2019. Scope: Widening a 6.9 kilometre section, including dedicated turning lanes, intersection improvements and new shared path facilities. The Armadale Road upgrade is one of Perth’s largest current road projects that’s packed full of failed mergers, a zero tolerance for give way, and a bunch of frustrated drivers who just want to go home. This angst can be felt... Read More

Lights Trail 2019 Perth

Where to See The Best Christmas Lights in Perth 2019

It’s that time of year again where neighbourhoods come to life, the streets are illuminated by a spectacular array of lights, and the spirit of Christmas is alive and kicking. Let’s not forget about the spirit of competitiveness. Amongst all the joy and giving, each year contestants come together for the battle of Perth’s best Christmas lights.  Families from as south as Mandurah will travel to as far as Joondalup to witness and judge what they think is Perth’s most lit display of lights.  Now, before you go and drive 45 minutes to some of last year's location and end... Read More

Driving at night in WA

Driving Safe at Night in WA

Whether it’s your first time, or you’ve mastered the roads, driving at night can often be a little confronting for any driver. From blinding headlights and dark roads, to impaired vision and hard-to-spot animals or pedestrians, no matter the streets you occupy, it’s important to maintain safe driving culture. When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle you take on the responsibility of ensuring not only your own safety, but also the safety of others on the road. To help you navigate through WA roads at night, we’ve compiled a list of safe driving tips to help boost your... Read More

BMW series 5 - self parking feature

Autonomous Vehicles — Good or Bad?

The future of parking your car is a panic-free zone with fewer scratches, dents and scuff marks, but what else are we getting ourselves into? Do you remember what it was like learning to park a car? There was no sensors, no 360-degree cameras and certainly no screens on the dashboard with live video footage of the rear and sides of the vehicle. All you had were the side and rearview mirrors, an anxious parent gripping the door handle tightly, and your wits. Any attempts at parking as a learner was a sweaty and nerve-racking experience, especially trying to reverse... Read More

Buying a second hand car checklist

A Guide to Getting Your P-Plates in WA

Getting your license are exciting times but there is a lot to learn before getting your P plates and becoming an independent driver.  This guide will help you navigate your way through the entire process starting from getting your learner’s permit, to completing the hazard perception test, and finally get ready for your practical driving assessment.  Getting your learner’s permit The whole journey will begin with getting your learner’s permit. To obtain your L plates you will first need to sit and pass the Computerised Theory Test (CTT). The minimum age required to sit the test is 16 and you... Read More

Worlds biggest trucks - belaz 75710

The World’s Top 5 Biggest Mining Dump Trucks

When it comes to mining, bigger is usually better. Mines operate on large scales, and profitability relies upon the operator’s capacity to transport large quantities of resources, to buyers, as quickly as possible. For this reason, mining operators are increasingly in search of bigger, more powerful, and more efficient machines to get the job done. While there are fairly big trucks on the Kalgoorlie or Newman mine sites and roads our mobile repair teams can vouch for, they are rather smaller compared to the mammoths you can find around the world. In this article, we take a look at the... Read More

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