Car Window Tinting: What Are The Benefits for My Car?

December 1, 2021

When thinking about car window tinting, the rich and the famous hiding from the paparazzi might spring to mind.  And, yes, the aesthetic appeal of car window tinting is certainly one of the reasons why it's popular in Hollywood. However, there are many other benefits of windscreen tinting for the Average Joe or Jane, from being more environmentally friendly to saving on gas and keeping you cool in Perth's sweltering summers.  We explain what it entails and break down how it can benefit your daily commutes and your car in the long run. What Does Car Window Tinting Entail? Windscreen... Read More


Can Worn-Out Windscreen Wipers Damage My Windscreen?

October 25, 2021

Wipers seem like a tiny and easily replaceable part of your car. And yes, in some ways, they are. However,  they also play a significant role in ensuring your windscreen is up to standard. More importantly, they provide that you have clear visibility of the road ahead, keeping you safe. Wiper Blades as the Custodians of Your Windscreen  Although wiper blades might be small, they’re essential to your safety while driving. If you had to drive without wipers, your visibility would be severely compromised, especially in challenging weather conditions and situations.  Your wipers act like the custodians of your windscreen.... Read More

Is it Illegal to Drive with a Cracked Windscreen in Western Australia?

Is My Windscreen Repairable Checklist

October 25, 2021

Windscreens are a safety guard and protect us as we drive, so it's wise to get it fixed straight away when a crack occurs. But how do you determine when your windscreen can be repaired by a professional or DIY, or if it needs to be replaced entirely? Here are a few helpful tips on how you can check whether your windscreen is repairable or not. Overview of Windscreen Repairs There are many different types of windscreen cracks requiring repairs. You may have heard of a crack or chip, but have you heard of a Bullseye break or Pitting? Here... Read More

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Advancements in Windscreen Technology

September 25, 2021

Modern Windscreens are the epitome of comfort and function, and safety. Glare and shatter-resistant windscreens and rain-sensing wipers enable us to get from A to B with minimal interference by extreme weather conditions. So this poses some interesting questions: if we have already come this far in technology advancements in a short amount of time, where is windscreen technology headed? What are the plans for windscreen technology, and when will they come to Australia? Continue reading to learn more. Windscreen Technology And Trends Over The Years. In 1904: The first windscreen was introduced, a small glass pane that did little... Read More

How Can Bad Weather Affect My Windscreen?

September 1, 2021

Your windscreen has a tremendous impact on your overall road safety. And at Dean’s Autoglass, windscreen replacement, repair, and protection are of the utmost importance to us. Not only does driving with a chipped or cracked windscreen decrease your visibility, but it can also be illegal, depending on the size of the crack.  We discuss the effects that poor weather conditions can have on your windscreen, as well as preventative measures to avoid the need for a windscreen replacement or repair.  Your Windscreen Forecast Weather conditions can undoubtedly impact the integrity of your windscreen. When you suddenly notice a crack... Read More

How long does is take to replace car window

Windscreen Repair: How to Apply a Windscreen Sealant

June 21, 2021

Windscreen repair is made easy and accessible with windscreen sealant. Car owners often find moisture seeping through their windscreen, leaving them frustrated and thinking they might need a windscreen replacement. The simple answer is likely windscreen sealant. Using windscreen sealant is a quicker and cheaper solution for minor cracks and flaws, causing irritation, poor visibility, and damage to your car's interior.  The anatomy of your windscreen: Understanding how your windscreen is put together makes understanding why sealant is effective much easier. Your windscreen consists of two layers of glass, ensuring better insolation and stability. Between the two pieces of glass,... Read More