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The Best Dehumidifiers For Cars In Australia

Does your car seem to fog up more than it should? If it does, you should probably find a solution to minimise the fogging as much as possible. 

Humid air can give you a whole range of adverse health effects, as well as pose a safety risk if you can’t see out of your windscreen clearly. 

So what can you do about it? 

Well having a quality, UV breaking windscreen can help the situation. Or you can use a dehumidifier in your car. In this article, we are going to walk you through what you need to know about car dehumidifiers, and which are the best to use. 

What is a car dehumidifier? 

A 12v dehumidifier for your house is some large bulky unit, so surely that doesn’t go in your car? You would be correct in thinking that. 

A car dehumidifier is more like a moisture absorber for your car. It is a bag containing silica pellets (the same as the little packets you get in shoe boxes) that absorb water particles in the air. This will help keep the air that you breathe fresher, and help keep your windscreen nice and clear. 

If they are not electronic, does this mean you need to constantly replace them? 

You’d think that a bag full of pellets designed to absorb moisture would have a limited shelf life, but surprisingly that is not the case. These little bags remarkably can be recharged in the microwave, and can be used over and over again. For an accurate shelf life, the box that they come in should say roughly how many recharges they are suitable for. 

The 5 best dehumidifiers (in our opinion) 

  1. Pingi Dehumidifier 
  • Absorbs 140ml per bag 
  • Colour indicator when needing to be recharged 
  • 6 minutes in microwave to recharge 
  1. Moistenland Ventilation Fan
  • Electric fan designed to increase air flow and remove moisture from car 
  • Can set a humidity level and the fan will automatically turn on when needed
  • Silent so it won’t scare pets 
  • No assembly tools required 
  1. RegenerAir Air Purifier Bags 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Bamboo and charcoal deodorizer pockets 
  • Works anywhere 
  • Can be reused for up to two years 
  1. Simply DEH002 Reusable Car Dehumidifier 
  • Prevents condensation 
  • Can be put in glove box or on back windowsill 
  • Portable and compact 
  • Colour indicator to show when it needs to be recharged 
  • 6 minutes in microwave to charge 
  1. KEPLIN Silica Gel Car Dehumidifier 
  • Highly reusable 
  • Perfect for when you’re storing your car and want to limit humidity
  • Limits window fog 
  • Safe & easy

Your windows can help limit humidity 

Did you know that your windows and windscreen can largely decrease the amount of humidity in your car and overall condensation? Your window tinting is responsible for blocking out a large amount of UV from your car, which will help with climate control. If your car is kept at a comfortable climate thanks to your UV protective windows, there will be less humidity and condensation in your car. 

Where to get your windscreen replaced to fix your humidity problem 

With over 25 years of experience and competitive pricing, you can be sure that Dean’s Autoglass’ climate control windscreens and windows with comprehensive UV protective tinting will help your cars humidity control problem. 

Our mobile service for all vehicle makes and models will be sure to help you wherever you are throughout Perth, the Goldfields, and the Newman area. 

Window cracked and you can’t get to us? No problem, we will come to you. We will be there as soon as we can with a UV protective windshield that decreases humidity in your car. 

Simply give us a call today and let’s work out your auto glass solution.