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xir heat reflecting glass

What Is XIR Heat Reflecting Laminated Glass?

Dean’s Autoglass R&D department has designed and developed the ultimate safety glass for use in the heavy machinery industry where the chance of glass breakage and cabin intrusion is a high risk.

Tests have shown XIR Glass is superior in strength and durability over existing laminated glass in the market. The safety of operators using machines in risk areas is enhanced by its strength, as well as reducing operator fatigue due to the reduction in solar heat gain and noise attenuation properties whilst maintaining maximum visibility.

XIR glass provides a safer and more comfortable work environment, leading to greater productivity.

Types Of Glass We Can Repair And Replace



side and rear glass

Side and Rear Glass

cargo windows

Cargo Windows

glass windows

1/4 Glass windows

Why Choose XIR Glass?



XIR glass provides increased resistance to incidental breakage. What it means to you: reduced window replacement costs, less machine downtime, increased on-site safety and overall higher productivity.


Reduced Downtime

With the added combination of PET and PVB interlayers, incidental breakage (chips and cracks) are reduced, minimising machine downtime for glass replacement and improving machine and worker productivity.


Minimise Operator Fatigue

XIR glass laminated glass was developed to reflect 99% of ultra-violet and 94% infra-red radiation, thereby reducing solar heat gain by over 55%. A cooler and more comfortable work environment with a reduction in thermal skin sensation (TSS) will minimise operator fatigue and increase safety and productivity.


Noise Attenuation

The acoustic properties of noise dampening PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral Resin) plus heat-reflective PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) interlayer film greatly diminishes the transmission of high-frequency noise by 8 decibels and low-frequency noise by around 5 decibels. The operator benefits from improved acoustic comfort and increased hearing safety levels.


Improved Visual Clarity Day & Night

Unlike conventional tinted films and glass, XIR Glass is transparent and has a low reflectivity so you are never forced, day or night, to sacrifice clarity and light transmission. A safer and more productive workplace is achieved as night time visibility is maximised while internal reflectivity of cabin lights is minimized.


On-site Installation

XIR Glass can be installed on-site to minimise downtime of your machinery. Our approved installers are professionals who guarantee and take pride in their workmanship. The many safety and productivity benefits of having XIR Glass installed cannot be surpassed by competitors.

Heavy Industry Windscreen Replacements For:

dump truck

Dump truck









water cart

Water cart

drill rig

Drill rig

Our Process For A Quick Auto Glass Repair And Replacement


Contact Us

The first step involved in a Dean’s Autoglass repair or replacement is you contacting us. The best way is to contact us directly by email or over the phone. We have many friendly staff waiting for you.


Follow-Up Call

We will get all the information we need off you about your machine so we can facilitate an auto glass solution.


Schedule On-site Repair Or Replacement

We will then go about the process needed to arrange our mobile service and comply with all of your mine site entry requirements. This includes police and drug clearance for all our auto glass technicians.


Fast Turnaround, On-site Solution

The last step to our service process is to send one of our highly qualified technicians to your location for our ultra-fast windscreen repair or replacement solution. Your machine will be turned around in no time.

Heavy Equipment Glass Repairs & Replacement Services

With over 25 years of experience servicing the mining and commercial industry, we know how important it is to keep your vehicle operating and reduce downtime. We are WA’s leading commercial auto glass supplier, servicing all types of heavy machinery glass, earthmoving machinery glass and commercial vehicles.

Our site-qualified team and fleet of mine-spec vehicles can be deployed on-site to provide you with fast, reliable emergency auto glass repairs and replacements.



Learn more about Heavy Equipment Glass Repairs & Replacement Services.

Our replacements are as quick as possible.  Typically, the process takes between 45 minutes to three hours.  This can vary depending on a few different factors as all sites have different processes.  These factors include, but are not limited to; induction requirements, location, machine model, machine size etc… However, you can rest assured that our replacement will be very, very fast.

Watch Videos about XIR

video palceholder

Thermal test Clear Lami VS XIR 1

Play Video
video palceholder

Thermal test Clear Lami VS XIR 2

Play Video
video palceholder

7.14mm XIR Australian Standard Testing AS/2080

Play Video
video palceholder

10.38mm Standard Laminated Glass Comparison

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video palceholder

11.14mm XIR Australian Standard Testing AS/2080

Play Video

Do You Need A Window Replacement or Repair?

Dean’s Autoglass provides you with high-grade quality glass for any circumstance. You will need an auto glass replacement if you have a crack in your window that extends to the rim of the window. This means the structural integrity of your machine will be compromised.

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