Windscreen Chip Repair

When do you repair your windscreen?

If your windscreen is not broken yet, there may still be hope. Repairing a chip in the windscreen will help prevent further cracks. It should be addressed as soon as possible as it could crack anytime if not taken care of.


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How we repair the windscreen

Our technicians inspect the chip to ensure that it can be repaired. We then use a resin to fill the chip, before strengthening the area with a UV light tool. The windscreen will be polished to remove any excess resign and smooth the surface.

About the Auto Glass / About the Windscreen Glass

We value your safety and comfort on the road. This is why we use only tough glass that comes with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship. Don’t just take our word on it, the glass we use meets all the Australian Design Rule (ADR8/01) requirements and complies with the Australian Standard (AS/NZS 2080:2006). To ensure further safety and to avoid pesky leaks, Dean’s Autoglass supplies custom-cut window rubbers.

Our auto glass selection is available for vehicles of all makes and models and comes fitted with the custom-cut window rubbers.

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