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Windscreen Repair Cost
How Much Does Windscreen Chip Repair Cost?

Windscreen chip repair in Perth starts, including cracked windscreen repair costs, starting from $120. The price generally increases with the complexity or size of the repair.

Depending on the severity of the damage, if a windscreen glass repair is not possible, we’ll recommend a windscreen replacement. The cost of replacing a windscreen will vary and may be covered by your insurance.

Complete our quote form and one of our friendly team members will contact you with a quote. Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 288 645 277 to discuss costs.

Different Types Of Windscreen

These days, most modern vehicles are equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology and usually rely on a windscreen mounted camera. You would know them more as safety features, such as Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning and Emergency Braking.Our Kalgoorlie and Newman workshops can perform Calibrations. When we replace your windscreen we will also recalibrate your ADAS — making sure your vehicle safety systems including rain sensors, are working as intended before getting you back on the road.



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Do I Need A Windscreen Replacement Or Can I Repair It?

If your windscreen gets damaged, you’re probably thinking “can I repair it or does it need to be replaced?”

In most cases, damaged windscreens can be fixed with a simple chip repair for a relatively low windscreen chip repair cost, providing it is not impeding the driver’s vision.

Glass replacement is recommended if you experience any of the following on the driver’s side:

  • Any chip wider than 2.5cm
  • Cracks up to 7.5cm in length
  • Damage that impedes the driver’s vision

It’s important to keep in mind that if you have already had your windscreen repaired in the past, it is safer to replace it altogether if new damage occurs. Speak to an expert today about chipped windscreen repair in Perth if you’re unsure on what to do.

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Windscreen Repair Process


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Is It Safe To Drive With A Chipped Or Cracked Windscreen?

Driving with a cracked windscreen may seem more like an aesthetic compromise than a safety one. However, there are multiple factors that can turn that, once repairable crack, into a windscreen replacement.

A cracked windscreen compromises the overall safety of your car and puts you in an even more dangerous situation in the event of a collision. We highly recommend getting in contact with one of our friendly experts today to discuss whether a windscreen repair or replacement is necessary.


Learn more about Chipped and Cracked Windscreen Repair

Looking for windscreen repair near me? You can choose to bring your car into any of our centres in Perth, Newman or Kalgoorlie. If you can’t get to us, we’ll come to you with our mobile windscreen service. Please note that in the event of rain, a windscreen must be completed undercover, as you cannot install new glass in wet conditions.

The price of your windscreen depends on your car’s make, model and year. The cost can range from $200 to $600 for most common vehicle makes and models. You can use the request a quote form to quickly and easily get a quote for windscreen replacement price comparisons.

Depending on the job, car glass replacement can take between 2 to 4 hours, but in most cases, is generally completed within the first 2 hours.

A chip can be repaired if it’s smaller than an Australian 2 dollar coin and is at least 5cm away from the edge of the windscreen. If you’re uncertain about whether or not your window can be repaired, get in touch with one of our friendly staff today.

Most times you can only see a chip repair if you really, really look for it. Our technicians use a resin to fill the chip, before strengthening the area with a UV light tool. The windscreen is then polished to remove any excess resin and smooth the surface.

As with windscreens, our mobile service can come to your location to replace your side window or rear windscreen. Speak to one of our friendly team members about car side window and rear windscreen replacement costs today.

The most common reason for a spreading crack is a change in temperature. Ignoring the crack may cause additional damage and that’s when your vehicle becomes dangerous to drive. If you have any damage to your windscreen, it’s important to book in a replacement or repair to get it fixed ASAP. In the meantime, here’s how to prevent a windscreen crack from spreading.

Because most of the cameras and sensors are housed within the windscreen, they require calibration after the windscreen has been replaced. This is a requirement as per the vehicle manufacturer to ensure they continue to function and keep the driver safe.

What is ADAS Technology and How Does It Improve Driver Safety?

Our windscreen repair business locations are in Perth, Newman and Kalgoorlie. We do offer mobile repair services if you can’t come to us.

Most insurance covers allow you to have your windscreen replaced and won’t count as an insurance claim. If you have glass cover and no excess, you more than likely won’t be out of pocket.

Windscreen Repair And Insurance

If you have insurance

If you’re insured with glass cover and no excess, then your replacement will more than likely be covered with no extra cost to you. As Perth’s top ranking automotive glass repair, we work with major insurance providers to bring you a more convenient, cost-effective service.

Simply fill out our quote request form and one of our advisors will be in touch. Unsure about what your insurance policy covers? Call us now and one of our friendly team members can help you find out.

Not covered by insurance?

That’s okay, Dean’s Auto Glass can still provide you with the best auto glass repair service. No one wants to fork out a fortune on windscreen repairs, so we’ll do everything we can to make sure you get the best value for money. Get in contact with one of our friendly team members who can provide you with a quote.

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Prompt and professional

Very impressed by the service and repair to my windscreen. Dan and Kris were prompt and professional. Highly recommend them.

Sim S

Sharp price and very friendly

Cracked my front window while driving on the freeway. Asked for a couple of quotes as I didn’t have window repair on my insurance. Dean’s Autoglass called me soon after the online quote. Sharp price and very friendly, they even came to my workplace to replace the glass. No fuss, perfect job!

Petra V

Quoted Monday, job completed following day

Insurance provider didn’t cover & the excess was ridiculous so decided to check this crowd out. Very impressed. Great service & price. Quoted Monday, job completed following day, mobile service also.

Need a quick car windscreen repair?

We know cracked or chipped windscreens are a sight for sore eyes, but they are also a safety hazard. To ensure your safety on the road, Dean’s Autoglass is ready to assist you with a quick and easy windscreen repair in Perth.

Our expert technician will first assess the damage to see if a windscreen chip repair is possible, but more often than not, if the damage is a safety hazard, we’ll recommend a replacement.

Need an emergency windscreen repair or replacement? Contact us now and we’ll have you back on the road and on your way in no time at all.

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