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The Use of Tinted and Glazed Windows in the Commercial and Industrial Sectors

A Variety Of Protective Mechanisms For Your Commercial & Industrial Vehicle Windows

Tinted and glazed windows are not just used to make you look cool as you cruise the streets with your darkened windows, or to hide your valuable goods on your back seat. Tinted and glazed windows have many uses and are utilised in a variety of vehicles in the commercial and industrial sectors.

When you work all day in an earthmover, a crane or any heavy-duty vehicle, the sun can play havoc on your eyes and body. Even with an effective air conditioning system in your vehicle, having the sun beat down on you for eight hours plus is not fun. It tires you out quickly and is simply not good for productivity or safety. The sun can also damage the interior of your vehicle, causing the dashboard and seats to fade and crack. That’s where the usefulness of tinted and glazed windows come in.

There are numerous situations where our tinting solutions and glazed XIR windows can be of use. Let’s take a look at a few:

1- Highway and Fleet Vehicles

Long distance drivers, in particular, are always grateful for tinted or glazed windows in their vehicles. It not only substantially reduces sun glare but also reduces the interior temperature, which means you do not need to travel with your air con on full blast. A cooler interior makes for a more comfortable ride, especially for those long-distance journeys in the middle of a baking summer heatwave. We provide solutions for commercial fleets, have a chat about it with us.

2 – Earthmoving Machinery

Moving mountains is never an easy job, no matter how powerful your earthmover is. Our job is to make your employees’ job easier, and his day more comfortable by offering protection against the harsh Aussie elements. Now, with tinted windows, some cool tunes and a good air con, earthmoving just became a whole lot more fun.

Tinting and glazing

If it is glass, we can tint or glaze it. Whether it’s your urban vehicle that you want to pimp, a long distance hauler, or a heavy-duty mining vehicle, there is a solution for you. There is a large variety of shades, glazes and tints, which will provide you with an affordable solution and excellent protection against the harsh Australian sun.

3 – Mining

Mining sites generally have a plethora of vehicles onsite, often working the entire day in the blazing sun. Whether they are driving dump trucks, excavators, scrapers or drill rigs, the sun can drain their energy. choose to get your machines fitted with XIR glass and this will be no longer the case. Drivers can be well protected from the sun’s UV rays with a range of cutting-edge protective tinting and glazing solutions.

Contact your local window tinting specialists and organise an affordable solution for your drivers. They’ll thank you by their increased productivity levels. If you are operating a site in Newman or Kalgoorlie, we can come to you.