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Tinting Your Car Windows is More Than Just a Luxury

What are the benefits to tinting your vehicle?

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to tinting your vehicle. Often categorised as a luxury option, people are less inclined to spend that extra money on something they may not need. However, getting your vehicles windows tinted can actually be quite beneficial to not only your vehicle but to your wellbeing as well.


The benefits of tinting your windows can include –


  • Your health – as you probably already know, the sun has harmful UV rays which can cause sunburn and in rare cases skin cancer. Long drives means you are exposed to these rays for a long period of time without realising the damage it is causing. According to the Cancer Council, clear or tinted films can reduce the amount of total UV rays penetrating the glass by up to 99%.


  • Your comfort – not only does tinting your windows keep the harsh UV rays out but it also is one of the most effective ways in reducing the amount of heat in your car. This provides less stress on your air-conditioning as you no longer need to crank it up, keeping your vehicle energy and fuel consumption to a low. Another problem faced with driving in Perth’s extremely piercing sun is that amount of glare that comes through standard windows. Tinting film can reduce this glare by up to 60% providing a safer more comfortable ride for not only yourself but for any of your passengers too.


  • Your interior – as harmful as it is to your skin, UV rays can also be just as damaging to the interior of your vehicle. They can cause your leather seats to dry out and crack, fade material seat covers and even PVC dashboards. In some extreme cases dashboards have been known to even start cracking.


  • Aesthetics – common consensus is that window tinting is for luxury vehicles. Well to be fair that is a positive and correct ideology. Not only does window tinting provide all the above, as a bonus, it gives your vehicle a sophisticated and professional look making it an essential for business purposes.


  • Peace of mind – offering a number of different tinting styles ranging from shades and darkness levels to hybrid, metal, ceramic or dyed window tinting; Dean’s Autoglass provides a tinting service fully tailored to your needs.
    Just to sweeten the deal if you are still sitting on the fence about window tinting, Dean’s Autoglass offers a lifetime guarantee and can apply the tinting in a matter of hours and make sure it is in line with WA’s tinting regulations! Protect your vehicle all year round whilst driving in luxurious comfort.

Dean’s Autoglass can tint any window of any car model and year in a few hours only. We also supply glass products and tinting services for commercial fleet and heavy machinery.