Car Window Tinting in Perth and Kalgoorlie

It won’t stop the polar caps from melting, but windscreen tinting goes a long way to keeping your car’s energy usage down, the interior cooler, and puts less strain on the air conditioning system. We stock a range of car window tinting films to suit any vehicle make or model.


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Darkest Legal Tint

Don’t let a little sunlight ruin your ride. We have a range of shades available, including the darkest legal tint films. Currently, the allowed limit in WA is 35% on the front windows and 20% on passenger and rear windows. The type of film applied to your window can change the look and feel of your entire vehicle. We carry a wide range of options, all made in America – metal films that last longer, hybrid, ceramic films, versus dyed films. Speak to one of our tinting specialists who will be able to advise you on which automotive tinting film you should choose for your car. Our services extend to everyone, from individuals to companies with fleets.

Reasons to Tint Your Windows

Climate Control

We use a specially designed film to keep your car cool in summer and warm in winter.


We only use top-of-the range automotive tinting films that come with a lifetime guarantee.

UV protection

Don’t be a slave to the sun – our films block up to 99% of ultraviolet rays that can affect passengers, seat covers, leather and dashboards.

Fatigue Reduction

Tinting on your car will help reduce glare and heat – enjoy a cooler environment and avoid unnecessary fatigue.

Drive Comfortably For Less

Keep your fuel consumption, put less strain on your air conditioner and stay cool all summer with window tint that blocks up to 65% solar heat build up.

Improved Safety

Keep you and your passengers safer by installing window tint that is designed to prevent your windscreen from shattering in the event of an accident.

Reduces Glare

Enjoy a more safer and comfortable ride with window tint that blocks up to 93% of the sun’s glare, putting less strain on your eyes and reducing driver fatigue.

Adds Security and Safety

Window tint comes in a wide range of shades to provide a level of privacy and security to keep your belongings safe and block out prying eyes.


Side window

For your safety, immediately come to us to replace your cracked side windows


Rear window

Don't drive with compromised rear window, let us fix it

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