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Technology Behind Modern Day Windscreens

Modern Windscreens have now become a safety feature with advanced technology.

No longer just an essential structural component of a car, windscreens serve a more safety-driven purpose. Car manufacturers are constantly improving various features of a car to ensure it stands up to modern trends and requirements, and to improve the safety of the driver and passengers. technologically advanced windscreen are one of the latest examples of that.

Much like airbags and seatbelts, the windscreen of a car has also improved over the years to become a safety feature rather than just a window to see the road through. Windshields used to be made of solid glass, which caused major harm to individuals inside the car on impact. With the advancement of technology, this component underwent a makeover.

Mercedes Benz is one of the leading names in car manufacturing, producing everyday cars, smart cars, racing cars and super cars. The new E-class models with 64 touch points, allow the windshield to act interactively. Fitted with an assisting camera and sensors, the driver will have access to different views around the vehicle ensuring safety and peace of mind. The windscreen and car body also uses advanced technology ultrasonic sensors to scan the road for added assistance.

The E-class windscreen also uses a new water spraying technology that does not block the driver’s vision when cleaning the screen. Instead of two powerful gushes of water, the Mercedes Benz team created a sprinkler-like mechanism that distributes water in a light drizzle, allowing the driver a clear view of the road.

Jaguar, also another luxury car brand is testing prototypes that allows dashboard information to be projected onto the windscreen, ensuring the driver’s eyes never leave the road. The driver of a vehicle constantly requires information throughout a journey, however, to obtain crucial information, the driver has to glance at the dashboard or even worse, browse a cell phone. The modern solution to this problem, is projecting all dashboard functionality onto the windscreen without being obtrusive. This includes speed limits and GPS navigation.

Technology has assisted vehicle manufacturers in many ways, making cars more comfortable and safer. While the effects of a road accident cannot be predicted, there are safety precautions that can be considered, which could reduce the risk of being involved in one. The windscreen is one of the most important components of a car, and now it has also become an essential safety feature. For more information about how windscreens protect your family inside your car, speak to one of the experts at Deans Autoglass.

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