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How To Maintain Your Windscreen Wipers and Glass

How To Maintain Your Windscreen Wipers and Glass

Are your windscreen wipers looking worse for wear? Do you know what you need to do to maintain your windscreen wipers? It’s more important than you might think that you keep them in tip-top shape. 

If you’ve ever hit the long road and wanted to clean your windscreen, but it either had no water, or the blades left marks on your windscreen, you understand the frustration.

Not only will poor-performing windscreen wipers affect your visibility of the road ahead, but you might also be breaking the law — without even realising it!

However, this part of the vehicle is more often than not overlooked by most drivers. But it shouldn’t be. 

We clear up a couple of things about why and how you should maintain your windscreen wipers, motor, rubbers, and windscreen glass. 

Why is it Important to Check Your Windscreen System? 

First things first, windscreen wiper maintenance does not only mean replacing the blades.

It’s essential to take care of your windscreen itself, as well as all the relating elements, such as your car’s water reserve, wiper motor, windscreen glass, and fixation rubbers. 

So what does the law require from you? In general, if anything obstructs or diminishes your view as a driver, it is illegal in Western Australia.

For example, if your window tint is too dark, you have a severely cracked windscreen, or your windscreen wipers are faulty and not operating as they should, these are all punishable by law.

What Parts of My Windscreen Wipers Should I Check?


Given that sight is one of the most critical senses required for driving, it should be self-explanatory that checking your wipers is important.

Your windscreen wipers are also exposed to extreme weather conditions, such as boiling and freezing temperatures, so they can take a beating without you having the faintest clue.

Because of this, they need to be replaced and cleaned more frequently than you might think. 

Wiper Motor

You can see your wiper motor as the heart and your windscreen wipers as the arms. The wiper system will differ from car to car, but it generally does not require much attention and should operate seamlessly for years. However, some signs could point to issues stemming from the motor.

These include strange windscreen wiper behaviour such as erratic movement, noises or no function at all.

In this case, you should contact a professional to get it checked out. Do this sooner rather than later to avoid getting stuck in an unexpected rainstorm with no windscreen wipers! 

Windscreen Glass

Not fixing a cracked windscreen is not only dangerous but also against the law. You might think it is something that you can put off. However, it can cause significant issues if left unattended.

When cracked or chipped, your windscreen will not provide the same level of protection required, such as in case of an accident. It can also cause distracting reflections to bounce off the crack.

Furthermore, the damage might be minor now, but a tiny bump in the road can cause a ripple effect, shattering the windscreen entirely

Fixation Rubber on Blades

Your windscreen wiper blades are responsible for keeping your windscreen nice and clear.

It would help if you replaced your blades as soon as they are not making a proper connection to the screen, causing stripes or blurry patches. You should also wipe them clean from time to time. 

Windscreen Washer Fluids

Remember to check the water level each time you stop at a service station to avoid ending up with a filthy windscreen obstructing your view. You also get ‘shampoo’ for your windscreen that you can add to this water reserve.

Step-by-Step Maintenance Guide for Your Windscreen Wipers 

  • Know when to replace your windscreen wipers. If you notice that your windscreen wipers are leaving streaks on your windscreen, skipping sections, making unusual sounds or vibrations, or lifting from the windscreen, you should consider replacing them.
  • If you’re unsure, seek out a pro to fix your windscreen wipers.
  • Whenever you stop at the service station, give your windscreen some TLC by giving it a good clean and wiping the windscreen wipers’ rubber clean with a damp paper towel. 
  • Never clean heavy soil like mud from your windscreen using the windscreen wipers as it could lead to scratching and damage to your wipers.
  • Keep your car away from the elements when you can by parking it indoors or undercover. 

How Do I Know When I Should Replace My Windscreen?

It’s quite simple, really. It’s always a good idea to replace your windscreen when it’s affecting your visibility of the road ahead. But it is still best to ensure you are aware of the latest road regulations in WA. 

On the driver side, your windscreen is legally not allowed to have more than two of the following issues:

  • 30mm-long hairline crack
  • 75mm-long edge crack 
  • Bulls-eye crack with a diameter of 16mm

If you have a smashed windscreen, you need to replace it immediately, as it is against the law. If you cannot drive any further, you can call a mobile repair service to come out to you.

What About Insurance When Replacing Your Windscreen? 

You should always contact your insurance provider first to double-check what their terms are. Depending on the coverage you have with them, they will either cover all, some, or none of the costs. 

Your Quick Windscreen and Wipers Safety Checklist 

  • If you have a small hairline or bulls-eye crack, don’t put off getting it fixed. Contact a windscreen repair service before the damage gets worse.
  • If this crack happens while you are on the road, try to stop somewhere safe and access the damage. If it does not pose an immediate danger, you could probably keep driving, but you should rather be safe than sorry and organise to get it fixed as soon as possible. However, if the windscreen is smashed or the damage is severe, you should immediately pull over and call your insurance company, as well as roadside assistance. Depending on the severity, they might have to tow your car to get the windscreen replaced.  
  • Know how to clear the fog off your windscreen. You don’t want to be caught with your pants down and try to figure out how to defog your windscreen while driving.
  • Always check your wiper washer fluid and clean your wiper blades when you fill up at the service station.
  • Keep your windscreen specialist’s number on hand in case of emergencies. 

Need your car windscreen wipers or glass replaced?

Contact us today. We also offer a mobile service that will come out to where you are if you are stuck on the side of the road with a shattered windscreen or faulty windscreen wipers.