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Fast turnaround

Stay mobile longer with
our fast turnaround times.
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we can get you back on the road quicker.

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for over 20 years. Trust your
local team of windscreen professionals
for your vehicle.

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The use of tinted and glazed windows in the commercial and industrial sectors

Deans Auto Glass is a family owned company specialising in Automotive and Machinery Glazing and Tinting with a commitment to providing our customers with workmanship and service of the highest quality.
We are the experts in Solar Control, Earthmoving Machinery Tinting and Glazing, Space-age ‘Heat Reflecting Film’ and Automotive Glass Solutions.
OH&S Procedures are a big part of our work practises and we strive to make improvements everyday.
Located in Wangara (Perth), Kalgoorlie, Newman and Onsite at Solomon Minesite we offer 24-Hour emergency services statewide.

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