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We can come to you with
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that’s at your home, office or on the road

Fast turnaround

Stay mobile longer with
our fast turnaround times.
Readily available solutions means
we can get you back on the road quicker.

Local & family owned

We’ve served Western Australians
for over 20 years. Trust your
local team of windscreen professionals
for your vehicle.

We assist with insurance issues

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The use of tinted and glazed windows in the commercial and industrial sectors

Deans Auto Glass is a family owned company specialising in Automotive and Machinery Glazing and Tinting with a commitment to providing our customers with workmanship and service of the highest quality.
We are the experts in Solar Control, Earthmoving Machinery Tinting and Glazing, Space-age ‘Heat Reflecting Film’ and Automotive Glass Solutions.
OH&S Procedures are a big part of our work practises and we strive to make improvements everyday.
Located in Wangara (Perth), Kalgoorlie, Newman and Onsite at Solomon Minesite we offer 24-Hour emergency services statewide.

“We guarantee you won’t be disappointed”