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Things you can do to give yoru car a facelift - Washing your car to make it look nicer

Top Tips to Give Your Car a Facelift: from DIY Paint to Car Freshener Recipe

Is your car’s window tinting peeling, windscreen cracked or just in desperate need of a fresh coat of car paint? Does it have good bones, but need a little pick-me-up aesthetically? 

If you’re feeling frustrated (and even slightly embarrassed) when rolling down the road in your trusty car, but you’re simply not ready to part with your four wheels just yet, there are other solutions. 

You can give your car a little bit of TLC to make it look — and feel — like new. If it’s got good ‘bones’, there are various things you can do to breathe life back into it. We give you a couple of simple tips to make you fall in love with your car all over again.

It All Starts With a Fresh Coat of Paint 

Remember that time you accidentally ‘bumped’ that pole in the parking garage? Or when you opened your car door, denting it on the wall? 

Well, a simple DIY paint job can cover up your previous ‘sins’ and make it look like it came straight out of the box. Not only will your exterior look polished, but it can also prevent further rusting and corrosion on your car. And it will be more attractive to potential buyers when you are finally ready to part with it. 

If you only have some small marks and scratches, you can buy repair pens that won’t break the bank, and that will fix the top layer of your car’s coating.

However, if you have bigger problems, we give you a step-by-step below.

DIY: How To Touch Up Your Car’s Paint Job

1. Buy your shade of paint (you can often get this custom-mixed to match your car’s shade exactly).

2. Always clean and polish your vehicle properly.

3. If you have some rust, paint rust converter over the affected area to neutralise corrosion.

4. Shake it, shake it. You should mix the paint by shaking for at least a minute.

5. Practice makes perfect, so first, test the colour on something else — and to see that it matches your car’s hue exactly before making that commitment. 

6. Get stroking. But, think back to what your art teacher at school said and make your strokes in ONE direction only. Keep the side of your palm pressed lightly against your car for stability. 

7. Paint, wait, repeat. You should do about three coats and allow it to dry for about 15 minutes before doing the next coat.

Get Those Chips Fixed in Your Windscreen

Not only is a cracked windscreen unsightly, but it is also a recipe for disaster. If you leave that crack or chip for too long, it could keep breaking and ultimately wreck your windscreen.

And you certainly don’t want that to happen while you are going fast on the highway! Swing by the professionals to give you a perfect vision of the road again. 

Throw Same Shade and Tint Those Windows 

First things first, you should determine if your car windows already have any tint on them and if so, what your car window tint percentage is

This is vital to ensure you are adhering to the law and finding a tinting shade that won’t obstruct your vision while driving. Get professionals to tint your car windows if the task seems too daunting to take on yourself. Are you puzzled about the difference between factory tint and film tint? Read our blog here for more on that. 

Not only does car window tint make your car look sophisticated, but it has various benefits. These include keeping your interior cool, your car’s energy usage low, and it even offers some UV protection from the sun on that long road trip. 

Scrub It Down Using The Right Cleaning Products 

Are your windows always slightly foggy and reflective from the inside when driving in bright sunlight? It’s quite simple. They are probably dirty! Even if you continuously scrub them, using the wrong products won’t give you the sparkling results you’re after. 

You should also consider replacing old windscreen wipers to keep your windshield spick and span.

Cover It Up: Replace Your Seat Covers 

If you have some unsightly stains from eating greasy takeaways in the car, or maybe your kids have marked their territory, it might be time to replace those seat covers. 

A good idea would be to opt for neutral colours so that stains from sticky hands won’t stick out like a sore thumb. If your seats are ruined beyond repair, you can get pull-over covers to mask the damage. It’s also a lot easier to clean — now that’s a win!  

While you’re at it, replace your floor mats as well. Try to go for rubber mats instead as they are more weather-friendly to all the elements your passengers drag with them each time they step into your car. It will also eliminate mould from growing.

Get Your Car Some New ‘Shoes’

It has transported you safely for so, so many miles. Yet, you haven’t replaced its tyres in ages? Spoil your car with new wheels, and you’ll feel the difference as you glide down the highway.

Remember, it’s not only for aesthetics or feeling better; it’s imperative for your safety that you replace your tyres regularly.

Now Let’s Make it Smell As Good As it Looks

You’d think that scent is not as impactful as aesthetics, but it will make a significant difference to how you (and your passengers) feel when sliding into your car. You might even notice your mood improving while stuck in traffic one day! 

You could opt for your store-bought air fresheners, or you can get specialised odour-neutralising or water-based fragrances. You can even add a small pouch of freshly ground coffee or fresh lemons. 

Time To Call in the Pros?

We’re here to help. We can make your car windows look new with our tinting, repairing and replacing specialists’ expertise. 
Call us today to make it happen in two ticks — saving you all the huffing and puffing.