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Windscreen Cracked? Do You Repair Or Replace?

Despite being a cautious driver, nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with a chipped or cracked windscreen. At some stage we have all experienced being a victim of a notorious rock being flung from the driver in front of you, leaving behind a nasty chip in your windscreen and even a bill. Annoyed and frustrated, you now have to find out if you have to either repair your windscreen or get it replaced as simply ignoring the issue won’t make it disappear. It is vital that the damage is tended to immediately as prolonging the issue may be detrimental to not only your own safety but to others on the road. Here is what you need to know:

Do I need to repair or replace my windscreen?

First off you want to identify whether or not your windscreen can be repaired before simply replacing it as it may be more cost-effective. Some factors to consider are the location of the chip or crack, size, and severity of damage.

  • Location of damage

The location of the damage can determine whether your windscreen is repairable. Damage located in the driver’s line of sight may not be repairable as the process leaves behind distortions in the glass which can hinder the driver’s field of view. Any damage that extends to the outer edges of the glass can also cause some issues as it lowers the structural integrity of the glass. In most cases, the damage can be repaired if attended to swiftly.

  • Size

With advanced modern technology, most cracks and chips are actually repairable. Any chips with a diameter of around 2.5 centimetres, roughly the size of a 10 cent coin and cracks up to 7.5 centimetres long can be easily repaired. If the chip has managed to penetrate the outer layer as well as the inside layer of glass it cannot be repaired. The quicker you attend to a chip or crack the more chances you have of being able to repair it. Length of cracks anywhere between 7.5cm to 30cm can be repaired, bear in mind that anything above 7.5cm may require specialists attention as the damage may be too far advanced.

  • Severity 

Keep in mind that if your windscreen took a big enough hit it may be beyond the point of repair and that replacing it is your only option. If a crack or chip is left unattended to, it can spread causing leaks and eventually shattering. When in doubt it is always important to contact a professional for advice to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Let’s get cracking

We can’t stress enough the importance of the integrity of your windscreen. By having any chips or cracks this not only puts you in danger but others on the road too. Always check with your insurance provider to see what is included in your policy as it may include repairs or a windscreen replacement at no additional costs or at a cheaper price. Costs may differ depending on the extent of the damage, so it is always a good idea to get a professional opinion. You can visit one of our workshops to get one of our experts to have a look at it. 

If you would like more information on what your options are, check this page.