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The Different Types of Car Window Tinting and Their Benefits

Although it won’t necessarily save our planet, car window tinting goes a long way to keeping your car’s energy usage down and the interior comfortably cool. At the same time, it also puts less strain on that trusted air conditioning system in the sweltering Perth summer months. Here are the reasons you should consider tinting your car windows, the different types to consider, and their respective benefits. 

Reasons to Tint Your Car Windows 

Car window tinting needs vary from one place to another and depend on the climate in your area. However, all tinting films must provide some protection against the sun, even if you live in a region where the sun’s rarely out. 

Reasons for car window tinting may include the following: 

  • Protect your car’s interior from damage and fading 
  • Reduce glare which can distract a driver and cause accidents 
  • Keep your car cool in the summer 
  • Protect your privacy and overall safety 
  • Make your car more energy efficient 
  • Block out harmful UV rays

Types and Benefits of Different Window Tinting Types 

At the most basic level, there are six different window tinting types. Knowing the benefits of each will enable you to make the best choice for your car. 

1. Crystalline (or Clear) Glass Tints 

These multi-layered tints are almost transparent in appearance (hence the term glass tint) but still block UV rays and heat. If you require privacy from window film, a clear tint is not for you. If you desire the look-and-feel of clear windows on your car while still blocking the heat and UV rays, crystalline tints are the best way to go! 

Thorough testing has been done to prove the efficacy of this tint type, so you can rest in the fact that, even though you may not see it, your windows are blocking out the harmful effects of the sun. 

The low-key clear aesthetic and effective UV blocking of crystalline window tints make this option a wildly popular choice. 

2. Ceramic Tints 

While these car tints are the most expensive, they’re also the most effective. This efficacy is because ceramic tints do not contain any dye or metal particles. Instead, it utilises non-conductive ceramic micro-particles.  

These particles effectively block UV rays without blocking cell or radio signals. They boast up to a 99% reduction, ensuring the safety and preservation of your vehicle’s upholstery.  

Ceramic tints also have the unbelievable ability to reduce glare, possess immense strength and shatter resistance, and don’t scratch as easily. 

3. Carbon Tints 

Carbon tints have a unique matte finish, creating a more tasteful option than the shinier metalised tints. Infused with ultra-reflective carbon particles ensures that these tints won’t fade over time as dyed shades tend to do.  

The embedded carbon particles block up to 40% of infrared light, causing an insulating and heat-blocking effect. Hence, they work just as well in winter as in the summer.  

Carbon tints are also far more efficient at reflecting heat than their dyed or metalised counterparts and will not block radio signals.  

4. Dyed Tints 

Dyed window car tints are the most common and the most affordable option for car window tinting.  

Dyed tints are thin, multi-layered films of dyed plastic adhering firmly to your car’s windows. Made up of different densities of dye, the intensity of the tint depends on what you require.  

The dye stops a fair amount of UV, keeping it nice and cool. Dyed tints offer decent protection and privacy at affordable prices. 

5. Metallised Tints 

Metallised tints keep heat and UV rays out through reflection. These tint films have metal microparticles embedded within their layers to aid UV reflection.  

The metal particles also strengthen your car’s windows, making them less likely to shatter when broken. Although these tints are shinier than dyed tints, they are far more scratch-resistant.  

6. Hybrid Tints 

Hybrid tints comprise a unique combination of dye and metallised tints. This takes advantage of dye films’ affordability and privacy with the added strength and UV-blocking benefits of metallised tints. These tints will not fade as quickly and are more scratch-resistant than regularly dyed tints. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Car window tinting is a rarely-discussed topic, and, as such, many of you may have questions. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions below. Have a look!

Legalities Regarding Car Window Tinting in Australia 

  • Your front and side windows in Australia are limited to 35% VLT.
  • In most Australian territories, you’re only allowed a 10% strip across the top of the windscreen, and tint may not cover the main part of the windscreen. 
  • Your backside and rear windows are limited to 20% VLT.
  • Tint reflection to 10% is allowed in all states and territories except for NSW, where reflective tint is not allowed. 

To ensure that you adhere to legislation in your area, it’s essential to know your current car tint percentage. Remember that your car might’ve left the store with tint applied already, so ensure that you determine what that percentage is before you apply more. 

Which tint type is best? 

The type of car window tint you choose to apply to your vehicle will depend entirely on your personal preferences. A celebrity, for instance, might prefer a dark dyed tint for the sake of privacy, while a spy would aim for a metallised look that is also shatterproof. 

What is a chameleon tint? 

The Chameleon tint is a new, reflective trend in automotive customisations. The colour of the tint film changes depending on weather, lighting, temperature, and the angle of view. Since its appearance changes in how a chameleon adapts in nature, it is called a “chameleon” tint. 

Window Tinting Perth: Tint Your Car Windows Today! 

Window tinting can be time-consuming and difficult. If misapplied, it can also be very costly. Rather than attempting this process at home, contact Dean’s Autoglass today! As car window tinting experts in Perth, Australia, we can guide you through the process, help you decide on the right type of tint as well as percentage, and get it sorted quickly and efficiently. Leave it to us and enjoy the benefits of your freshly tinted car windows!