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DIY Car Window Tinting vs Hiring An Autoglass Professional

Are you considering getting your car windows tinted? Maybe you’re looking at that fancy do it yourself window tint or tinting kit you found on Google? Let’s stop all this escalating and take the stairs for a minute. Have you considered hiring a car window tint professional?

To get the best window tinting, you need to know what you’re doing. Tinted window film can be tricky, sticky and a whole lot of pain if you don’t do it right. 

If you’re reading this, you’re no doubt already familiar with the benefits of car window tinting, which you can read more on here. Instead, in this article we will discuss what the pros and cons of DIY window tinting vs hiring an autoglass professional are, as well as any other tips and tricks you should know. 

Benefits of Car Window Tinting 

As mentioned above, you can get an in-depth understanding of the benefits of tinting your car windows here. However, let’s discuss some rough points on why you should absolutely consider it!

  • It protects your interior from sun damage
  • It saves energy by cooling your cabin, so your air conditioner doesn’t work as hard
  • It reduces glare which improves safety while driving 
  • It makes you more comfortable while driving by reducing your exposure to UV (yes you can get sunburnt driving!)
  • It increases the security of your cabin by limiting what people can see from the outside 
  • Increased safety in the event of a crash
  • It looks great!

Pros of DIY Car Window Tinting 

  • It Is Cost Effective: Do it yourself window tinting is usually an option because people understand it to cost less than hiring a professional. Because you don’t need an autoglass professional, you are only paying for the cost of materials, and not the cost of labour. 
  • You Have A Variety of Options: Unless you hire a reputable professional, your options of different tints you can choose from will be limited. Doing it DIY, you can select from the wide range of materials on the web, but with a professional, you have to select from the range of your supplier. 
  • It Can Be A Fun Job!: If you’re heading into the holidays and looking for a new project, or just wanting to spend some more time working with your car, DIY window tinting can be a fun job! 

Cons of DIY Car Window Tinting 

  • It Ain’t Easy: Window tint needs to be millimeter perfect. When you’re dealing with a large sheet of sticky film, you will most likely run out of hands to perfectly put it on. If you grab a friend to help put it on, coordinating yourselves can be difficult. When dealing with precision that needs to be done right on the first go, it can be very difficult. 
  • Mistakes Can Be Costly: Sure, tinting your car windows yourself might save you money, but if you make a mistake you’re gonna go over budget. If you’re trying to Google “how to remove car window tint?”, you’re about to spend more money. Get a professional. 
  • It Can Look Horrible: Have you ever tried to apply a sticker, only to find you’ve put it on and it isn’t straight and is covered in air bubbles? Time to get out the needle and start popping away! This difficulty is far more prevalent when applying window tinting. Not only is the tinting material far larger than a sticker, it also has to be crystal clear and transparent so you can see through your windows. If you don’t do a good job, it will look horrible. 
  • No Warranty: Doing your car window tinting yourself will not come with a warranty. If you stuff-up the installation, the fallback is on you!

Pros of Professional Car Window Tinting 

  • Reassurance of Quality Materials: Autoglass professionals have already tried and tested their products, so they know what they are using is a quality material. Buying a DIY kit online will not have this same luxury. A professional material will: block UV, last long, look good!
  • Reassurance of Quality Installation: An autoglass professional will already know how to, and have done many window tinting jobs before. A good autoglass professional will be confident, no matter the job. 
  • Warranty: A professional installation will come with a warranty. The best autoglass professional will have a lifetime workmanship guarantee. 
  • Get The Shade You Want: A professional will know exactly what shade of tint you want. A DIY tinting kit you get off Google may not be what you expect. 
  • Stick To The Law: By going with a professional, you make sure your car window tinting adheres to the rules, regulations, and legislations required in Australia. 

Cons of Professional Car Window Tinting 

  • It Costs More Than DIY: A professional window tinting will cost more than a DIY job. As mentioned before, this is because you’re paying for the labour. However, the added benefits that you get from a professional as listed above, as well as the risks you get from DIY, we believe the extra cost is well worth it!

Regulations For Window Tinting In Australia

When it comes to window tinting, there are certain levels of visibility you are legally allowed on your windows. Usually, you aren’t allowed any darkening to the windscreen, and between 20%-35% darkening for the rest of the windows. 

You need to make sure that the window tinting you are getting installed has efficient sun-protection and uses the right polarizing techniques. If you get a half-baked window tinting job, you can expect the inside of your cabin to be at mercy to the other half of the bake the windows let in! Make sure you get your window tinting done by a professional! 

Window Tinting Professionals 

When it comes to Perth window tinting, or window tinting throughout the Pilbara and Kalgoorlie regions, Dean’s Autoglass will have you covered. We have been providing an easy-to-use mobile anytime emergency service throughout Western Australia for over 25 years. 

Our lifetime workmanship guarantee will make sure your window tinting is installed to last in the Australian condition. If you want to have the ultimate sun protection for your staff and fleet, let Dean’s come to you and tint your truck windows.