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Advancements in Windscreen Technology

Modern Windscreens are the epitome of comfort and function, and safety. Glare and shatter-resistant windscreens and rain-sensing wipers enable us to get from A to B with minimal interference by extreme weather conditions.

So this poses some interesting questions: if we have already come this far in technology advancements in a short amount of time, where is windscreen technology headed? What are the plans for windscreen technology, and when will they come to Australia? Continue reading to learn more.

Windscreen Technology And Trends Over The Years.

In 1904: The first windscreen was introduced, a small glass pane that did little to protect the driver and passengers.

In 1919: Laminated glass windscreens were introduced. By 1937 safety glass was mandatory for all vehicles.

In 1938: Tempered glass was introduced. This was significantly more shatter-resistant than regular glass, thinner than laminated glass and cheaper to produce.

In 1947: The first curved windscreen was introduced. 1957: Windscreen and window tints were introduced.

In 1978: Rain-sensing wipers were introduced to improve safety and wellbeing on the roads. Sensors are installed on the windscreen, which measures the amount of rain that gathers on the windscreen using an infrared beam of light that detects how much light is reflected through the glass.

Have There Been Any Changes To Windscreen Technology In Recent Years?

Today, windscreen technology has evolved significantly. The standard windscreen is now bigger, more raked and covered with a dye film to reduce infrared rays and prevent too much heat from entering the vehicle. In recent years we have seen even more exciting changes to windscreen technology, further improving the safety, convenience, comfort whilst driving.

Panoramic Windscreen

The innovative electric car company, Tesla’s Model X, has a panoramic windscreen that provides 31 square feet of uninhibited visibility. This innovative windscreen enables the driver to see the road more clearly and everything outside of the car. In addition, solar tinting darkens the windscreen based on the intensity of the sun.

Electrochromic Glass

At the touch of a button, drivers can limit the amount of sunlight coming into the vehicle. Also known as smart glass or switch glass, electrochromic glass utilises solar film that has been inserted between layers of windscreen laminate that can be electronically controlled to filter out more or less light.

Infrared Glass

Infrared (IR) glass is similar to standard glass in looks but its capabilities are much more advanced. IR glass is designed to reflect up to half of the infrared rays from the sun while it enters your car. This technology prevents your car from overheating – a significant problem in Western Australia – and lowers your petrol costs because you don’t need to run your air conditioner all the time to keep your car cool.

More significant changes to windscreen technology in recent years also include:

  • Heated glass
  • ADAS
  • Head-up displays
  • Light sensors
  • Rain sensors
  • Shaded glass
  • Night vision

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What Are The Plans For Windscreen Technology, And When Will They Come To Australia?

Augmented Reality Windscreen

Imagine one day being able to drive your car. Instead of following directions, speed guidelines and traffic congestion warnings from a screen on your console, it’s projected onto your windscreen. As you watch the road in front of you, you can also see virtual objects and graphics overlaid on top of the real world.

Driver Facing Camera

A driver facing camera will enable the driver to control the music, GPS, or air conditioning simply by looking at different points on the windscreen. However, this exciting advancement comes with the worry of causing avoidable accidents caused by distraction whilst driving.

Gorilla Glass

The same clear, lightweight glass that prevents your smartphone from smashing easily when dropped might become your new windscreen. Having proved itself a success with smartphones, tablets and watches, this chemically treated glass is beginning to be utilised by car manufacturers to enjoy the same benefits of durability, lightness and clarity.

Wiperless Windscreen Wipers

Several high-end car manufacturers are working on ways to eliminate windshield wipers. Cold winters and snow put a strain on windscreen wipers. The solution might come from fighter jets and using ultrasonic sound to repel rain.

These windscreen technology advancements are currently being developed and tested by leading car manufacturers so you can expect to enjoy the benefits of augmented reality windscreens, gorilla glass windscreens and wiperless windscreen wipers in the near future.

How Have Advancements In Windscreen Technology Helped Perth Car Owners?

Since the first windscreen was invented over 100 years ago comfort and convenience in cars have improved significantly, with safety at the forefront of every windscreen technology advancement.

From window tints and infrared glass helping Perth car owners feel more comfortable driving in extreme heat, to rain-sensing wipers increasing safety and wellbeing on rainy days. Perth car owners now enjoy a level of safety and luxury unheard of 100 years ago. In addition, panoramic windscreens, electrochromic glass, augmented reality windscreens and gorilla glass is taking windscreen technology to an exciting new level that promises even more convenience, comfort and safety whilst driving from A to B.

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