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Hyundai-kona - HUD technology on windscreen

Innovative Glass Technologies Found in Modern Cars

Glass technology just never ceases to improve. We have come a long way since glass was first installed in early automobiles. Nowadays, cars are equipped with all kinds of different types of glass these days fitted with new tech for safety and convenience purposes. Here, we take a look at some of the main types of car glass technology that you can find in cars today. Infrared Glass Infrared (IR) glass, also called solar glass, is a type of car glass technology typically used in windscreen (often described as infrared-reflective windshields). It is found in cars from manufacturers like BMW,... Read More

Lights Trail 2019 Perth

Where to See The Best Christmas Lights in Perth 2020

If you’re looking to see the best Christmas lights Perth has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. It’s that special time of the year again where our quiet, sleepy neighbourhoods spring to life as families and friends gather to witness a spectacular display of Christmas lights. And honestly, what’s there not to love about Christmas in Perth? You’ve got neighbours cleaning out the Bunnings light section and going head-to-head as they deck out their homes with more competitive spirit than the Derby.  Streets filled to the brim with families, kids, couples and friends, wandering through each enchanting display... Read More

What is ADAS

What is ADAS Technology and How Does Its Features Improve Driver Safety?

Over the years, vehicle safety has become one of the most important areas in which the automotive industry has heavily invested in. Considering there was once a time where cars didn’t have a windscreen, safety technology of the 20th century has come a long way. Automotive safety technology has advanced in many ways, with modern car safety features significantly reducing the likelihood of a collision or accident, while providing a smooth and efficient drive. These new technologies, which are integrated into the vehicle, help automate, facilitate and assist the driver for safer and better driving. The technology is known as... Read More

Where to Find The Spookiest Houses to Safely Trick or Treat in Perth 2020

Where to Find The Spookiest Houses to Safely Trick or Treat in Perth 2020

The best-decorated houses for Halloween in Perth, as well as tips on how to safely trick or treat during COVID-19. It’s almost that time of the year again when all the creepy and scary creatures of the night come out to play. When we say creepy and scary, we actually mean loud and hypo.  And with creatures of the night, we actually mean sugar-fueled kids dressed as ghouls & ghosts terrorising the neighborhood. But hey, who’s one to deny our children the true experience of Halloween and just how much fun it can be.  As a child, my parents would... Read More

car factory tint vs tint films

Car Windows Factory Tint vs Film Tint: a Rundown

Surprisingly, the beautiful, tinted rear windows on your car don’t offer much protection against the harsh Western Australian sun. Known as factory tinted windows, they enhance privacy and reduce glare, but expose you and the car to the harmful UV rays. They also do nothing to keep your car’s interior cool in the sweltering heat. So, you must do more than match the front windows to factory tinted windows to enhance your car’s security and keep it cool in hot weather.    For further insights into why you need to reinforce a factory tint, it’s important to distinguish between factory... Read More

How long does is take to replace car window

Know the Names of Your Car Windows

When it comes to replacing your windscreen, it’s fairly simple. But what about that tiny glass panel that’s attached to your rear door window?  These days, you can expect to find more than just 6 windows on your vehicle, with a number of smaller panels usually found in corners.  To help specify which window you’ll need repairing or replacing, here are the names of each individual window. Front: - Front Door Glass - Front Windscreen - Front Door Quarter Rear: - Rear Door Glass - Rear Door Quarter - Cargo Window - Rear Windscreen Do you need help with replacing... Read More

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