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Western Australia’s Most Scenic Drives

As we say goodbye to those dull and rainy winter days and welcome back the beautiful and sunny days of summer, it is time to hit the road jack! With the holidays around the corner and the kids itching for adventure, we have taken the liberty of packing your itinerary with some of Western Australia’s most scenic drives. Perth Hills As we look to head approximately 35 kms inland, we discover the beautiful and hilly drive of the Mundaring Weir through to Zigzag Road in Kalamunda. The drive to Mundaring Weir consists of numerous twisting roads immersed in forestry, wildlife... Read More

Classic cars that resold the best - Ferrari 275 GTB

Classic Car Market Review: Out with the old, in with the new

If you’re thinking about purchasing a classic car and earning some street cred, now’s a better time than any, with the classic car market showing signs of growth and demand. A report produced by AXA and ADEMY (Automotive Data Evaluation Market Yield) revises and updates important information surrounding segmented breakdowns of global market trends in the classic car industry for 2018-2019.  Despite the classic car market suffering an 8.4% decrease in volume in the first half of 2019, sales turnover had grown by 6.8%. Now you’re probably thinking how is this a good thing? and why should I buy a... Read More

Deans AutoGlass Newman Cracked Windscreen

How to prevent a windscreen crack from spreading?

A cracked windscreen can happen to the best of us. You could be as good of a driver as F1 racer, Daniel Ricarrdio and still fall victim to a random pebble being flung from beneath the vehicle in front of you. But alas, there is now a small crack on your windscreen. What to do from here? You could choose to ignore the issue, after all it’s so small you can barely see it, but you’ll soon find out just how bad things will get, and at an alarming rate.  When it comes to preventing windscreen cracks from spreading, you... Read More

Car paint that changes colour - iridescent paint

Car Paint That Changes Colour — Is It Real?

There was a time where if you had told me there was a type of car paint that could change its colour on the fly without me touching anything, I’d be absolutely gobsmacked. I mean the closest thing that I had encountered in terms of something changing colour was those mysterious mood rings, which apparently changed colour based on your mood. But if we put all the magic and hoo-hah to one side, what actually caused it to change colour? (the temperature of course). Well some time ago, possibly the late 2000s — the time of mood rings — there... Read More

Quarantine and Isolation Got You Bored Out of Your Mind? Stream These Car Movies and Shows.

Quarantine and Isolation Got You Bored Out of Your Mind? Stream These Car Movies and Shows.

You may not be able to leave the house this Easter Holidays, but you sure as hell can still enjoy a road trip from the comfort of your couch. With social distancing and lock out withholding us to the confinements of our homes, Easter plans and road trips have been thrown out the window. However, thanks to TV streaming services in Australia, you can still experience all the heart racing action, frustrations and sing-alongs of going on a family road trip while sitting on the edge of your couch with your loved ones. Close enough right? Here’s our top must-watch... Read More

vCoronavirus update: How to keep your car clean and germ-free

Coronavirus update: How to keep your car clean and germ-free

With Perth and the majority of the world on lockdown due to the outbreak of COVID-19, it’s important that we are all doing our best to ensure the health and safety of our families and our communities. In a series of experiments, research recently published by The New England Journal of Medicine on 17/03/2020, discovered that COVID-19 can still survive for hours without a host on certain types of surfaces. Virus remained viable in air for 3 hours Can be still detected up to 72 hours later on stainless steel and plastic surfacesCan survive on copper for up to 4 hours... Read More

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