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10 Surprising Ways to Break the Law with Your Car

When we were much younger, breaking the rules made you the cooler kid. While it was great then, breaking rules now will not land you in a much greater or cooler place. Especially when we are driving and endangering the lives of the people around us. Whether we are heading back home after a long day, going on a road trip with our closest friends or even dropping our children at daycare, it is our responsibility to strap our seatbelts on and drive attentively.  However, as much as we follow the rules, there are some blindspots that we might miss... Read More

Is It Illegal To Have A Dirty Car In Australia?

Between heading to work and leisure activities, it is only natural for us drivers to forget to wash our cars. Most would also assume their cars might not even need a wash. After all, seeing our vehicles everyday, it may not hit us that our vehicles are actually really overdue for a good wash. Well, now that you are here, take this as a gentle reminder to wash your car because you would not want to leave it till it is too late. Let us tell you why.   Can you get a fine for a dirty car? You may or... Read More

The “Whats” and the “Whys” of Acoustic Windshields

With today’s advanced technology, our vehicles are constantly getting improvements and advancements, making them more durable and capable in many ways. While most would think that mainly for the engines and interior, your windshields are also getting better and sturdier than before. An example of such which many car enthusiasts might agree wholeheartedly is the invention of acoustic windshields. Before we dive right into that specific windshield type, let us first look at the type of glasses available on the market.  Primarily, there are two kinds of glass when it comes to car windshields, windows and lights – Tempered Glass... Read More

Are Your Car Stickers Illegal In Australia?

Whether you are driving around your neighbourhood, checking off your daily errands or a holiday road trip around Australia, we should always do our best to follow the rules. Aside from the basics of strapping our seatbelts, signalling before turning and stopping at red lights, the way we style our vehicles also have rules to abide by.  That includes car stickers, car decals and car wraps which will be covered in this article. The word ‘rules’ may sound a little authoritative but these rules or laws are placed to ensure everyone has a safe experience on the road.  The difference... Read More

How to Stop Squeaking Windscreen Wipers

Small but mighty, our windscreen wiper blades are some of the most overlooked parts of our cars. They keep our vision clear on rainy days and remove dust and debris on our windscreen, providing us with a safe and comfortable driving experience for drivers and passengers. If you have a newfound appreciation for your windscreen wiper blades, keep that going! However, apart from those reasons to notice your windscreen wipers, you will definitely notice them when they start to squeak. That dreaded squeak will soon be resolved once you finish this article, we guarantee.  What causes windshield wipers to squeak?... Read More


Top 5 Best Windscreen Washer Fluids in 2022

Top 5 Best Windscreen Washer Fluids in 2022 It goes without saying that having a clean windscreen and high-quality windscreen wipers are pertinent for a safe driving experience for both drivers and passengers. Safety goes further than having your windshield screen tinted. Instead, we have to use proper windshield washer fluid while washing our cars. While most would think they are all the same, we are here to tell you that they are not and why you should be carefully selecting one that does the job right.  Frankly, some formulas are just ineffective, completely defeating their sole purpose of breaking... Read More

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