Worlds biggest trucks - belaz 75710

The World’s Top 5 Biggest Mining Dump Trucks

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When it comes to mining, bigger is usually better. Mines operate on large scales, and profitability relies upon the operator’s capacity to transport large quantities of resources, to buyers, as quickly as possible. For this reason, mining operators are increasingly in search of bigger, more powerful, and more efficient machines to get the job done.

While there are fairly big trucks on the Kalgoorlie or Newman mine sites and roads our mobile repair teams can vouch for, they are rather smaller compared to the mammoths you can find around the world.

In this article, we take a look at the world’s biggest mining dump trucks. 

The Belaz 75710

Worlds biggest trucks - belaz 75710
Credit: Belaz

This beast is the world’s largest dump truck, boasting a whopping 496 tonne capacity. Launched in 2013 by Belarusian Belaz, and first gaining popularity with large Russian mining firms, the mammoth 75710 has become a favourite among mining operators worldwide, thanks to its reliability, efficiency and sheer payload volume. 

Featuring a 20.6-metre-long profile and two 2,300HP diesel engines, the vehicle alone weighs in at 360 tonnes, and is supported by cutting-edge Michelin tubeless pneumatic tyres.

Of course, nothing of this size moves quickly. However, the top speed of the 75710 is 64kph, keeping it on par with competitor machines of smaller scale. 

View it in action

Caterpillar 797F

Caterpillar have been building rugged machinery since 1925 and are one of the world’s most trusted heavy machinery brands. So, it’s little wonder that the American firm takes second place amongst the worlds biggest mining dump trucks with their 797F. 

This model has been working the world’s mining sites since 2009 and is still an industry favourite thanks to its 400-tonne capacity.

Weighing in at over 680 tonnes with a full load, and measuring almost 15 metres in length, the vehicle is lighter and smaller than its Belarusian nemesis.

Its turbocharged, Cat C175-20 four-stroke diesel engine does pull it along at around 68kph, however, making it speedier than the Belaz. 

View it in action

Terex MT 6300AC

View the truck in action

American manufacturer Terex takes out third place with their 400-tonne capacity 6300AC.

After a series of acquisitions, Caterpillar has become the final guardian of the Terex brand, meaning Cat now manufactures two of the world’s most impressive mining dump trucks.

The 6300AC tips the scales at 660 tonnes when loaded, and measures in at 14.8 metres. Twin rear axle-mounted electric motors are powered by a diesel four-stroke engine, which supplies this truck with over 3,700HP and see it operate at speeds of up to 64kph. 

Liebherr T 284

US-built Liebherr trucks have been on the scene since the late 1940s and hold their own amongst the Caterpillar and Belaz heavyweights with several of their machines.

The T 284 is the latest in the range, offering up a massive 3,750HP, top speed of 64kph, and an operating weight in excess of 660 tonnes.

At 15.69 metres in length, the T 284 is powered by an electric drive system and Liebherr’s own insulated-gate bipolar transistor. 

View it in action

Belaz 75601

Credit: Mining Global

Finally, Belarusian Belaz takes out another gong in the world’s top five largest mining dump trucks, with their popular 75601 model.

This machine also boasts a 396-tonne capacity, hosts traction motors and traction alternators from Seimens and Kato, and is designed to operate in open-pit mines and varying climatic conditions with over 3,700HP.

This machine is as versatile as it is powerful.

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