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A cracked windscreen is annoying at the best of times, and to find a company with affordable rates and superior workmanship can be frustrating; Dean’s Autoglass offers all these services. Using the finest products from reputable brands, and quality installation solutions, we replace, repair and tint windscreens on all makes and models of cars and trucks.
We specialise in:
Windscreen replacement
Side & body glass
Chip repairs
Window tinting (Perth only)
We use only the finest high-quality glass for car window replacements. Sourced from reputable, suppliers our glass meet the Australian Design Rule ADR8/01 requirements. Each product complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS 2080: 2006.


You rely on your vehicle so when you end up with a cracked or chipped windscreen, you want an easy and practical solution. We can restore windscreens to their original state and strength, or replace them with tried and tested glass manufactured with the finest technology, and installed with precision.
Our experienced team has worked with all forms of automotive screen tinting, repairing and replacements. We’ll ensure your windscreen is sorted quickly, ensuring minimal downtime for you or your business.


If you need windscreen repairs for your truck or car, we do it in an hour using a glass medic kit. We also repair side and body glass. We can repair chips, and cracks up to 10mm long, which means there’s no need for you to replace your windscreen every time it gets a stone chip. Contact us, pop into one of our workshops, or call our 24-hour emergency phone number, 1300 288 645 277 and we’ll send a technician over to repair it.


Particularly helpful for truck drivers who often suffer long hours driving in very hot conditions; car window tinting is done with 3M Thinsulate. This durable, stylish and premium protection film keeps occupants protected from UV rays, and gives cars and trucks a stylish edge while protecting valuables against smash-and-grab attempts.
Tinting protects your vehicle interior from harmful UV rays, and ensures you and your passengers remain cool, or warm. Summer and winter call for extreme energy usage in terms of heaters and air conditioners; your tinted windows repel heat in summer so your air conditioner does not have to work as hard, and keeps the warmth in during winter so there’s minimal output from your heater.


If you require a windscreen replacement for your truck or vehicle, contact us or check into one of our workshops in Wangara (Perth), Kalgoorlie, Newman, or near the Solomon mine site for quick and affordable replacements. We realise that you need your car back in working order, so we ensure your average waiting time is only two hours, keeping downtime to a minimum.


If any of your company vehicles or trucks are stuck on the road and need windscreen repairs, we offer a 24-hour emergency line for your convenience. We can attend to your mobile windscreen replacement in just a few hours.
Whether you require a windscreen replacement, repairs, or car window tinting you’ve come to the right place. Our automotive and machinery glazing and tinting solutions are the preferred choice because we believe in personal customer service, high-quality workmanship and a solid commitment to our clients.
Contact us for all your car window repairs, replacement and tinting services.

Windscreen Replacement
Side & Body Glass
Chip Repairs
Window Tinting (Perth Only)

Wangara (Perth)
Solomon Mine Site (Onsite)

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