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WA Drivers not the Worst

Another claim, another statistic

Ever entered the freeway into a bumper to bumper jam only to realise there was no crash and yet there was so much congestion? That would be Western Australia’s great attempt at giving way and merging lanes. Despite some of WA’s most dangerous roads and intersections causing havoc amongst motorists, at the end of the day you are the one who is in control of your vehicle. We decided find out what are the leading causes of accidents in WA and how we compare to the rest of Australia.


Western Australia

The following statistics have been taken from a claims report conducted by Allianz Insurance for the years 2015 to 2017 totaling to more than 400,000 claims made.

– Broken Windscreens is currently in the lead for the highest percentage of accidents sitting at 27 per cent. This can be attributed to a higher number of outback road incidents as well as motorists driving to close to the car in front of them or known as ‘tail gating’.

– In second place we have cars damaged while parked at 17 per cent.

– Reversing accidents at 15 per cent.

– Nose-to-tail crashes at 15 per cent.

– Creating congestion on our freeways, at the bottom of the list is ‘fail to give’ way sitting at 8 per cent.


Compared to the rest of Australia, WA currently holds the highest percentage of claims for broken windscreens with Queensland in second place at 25 per cent. Allianz has mentioned this is due to Queensland and WA having vast outback roads containing debris and drivers not keeping their distance from one another. Surprisingly, our ability to give way to one another is one of the lowest as opposed to our neighbours over in Victoria with the highest percentage rate of 13.


WA’s most dangerous roads and intersections

We have to cut ourselves some slack, yes these statistics aren’t the greatest but neither are some of our roads and intersections. The RAC has conducted WA’s most dangerous roads and intersections for 2016-2017, here are some of the top ranks:

Roads –

– Denny Avenue, Kelmscott is currently ranked number one on WA’s most dangerous road with its confusing layout that has inadequate crossing, turning opportunities and traffic light systems.

– Albany Highway, Albany to Bannister ranked at number two, lacks overtaking opportunities, has a rough, slippery and loose surface all accompanied by tight, narrow lanes, and blind crests.


Intersections –

– Forrest Highway (Australind Bypass) X Hynes Road, Eaton is WA’s worst intersection with speeds of vehicles being too high, inadequate crossing and turning opportunities, as well as an inadequate traffic light system.

– Denny Avenue X Streich Avenue, Kelmscott has been dethroned as WA’s number one worst intersection with its confusing layout, inadequate traffic light system, crossing and turning opportunities.


Click here if you would like to find out what other dangerous intersections and roads are close to you.


It is always important to maintain road safety on and off the road ensuring that your vehicle has met all the road safety standards.


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