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One Car Stolen Every Ten Minutes

One car stolen every ten minutes.

When it comes to car theft, Australia is no stranger with 52,858 vehicles stolen in 2017 alone.

That’s equal to one car stolen every ten minutes.

A recent analysis conducted by Budget Direct showed that motor vehicle thefts across the country was costing Australians up to $880 million a year but has seen a steady decline over the past decade.

Of the 52,858 vehicles that were stolen in 2017, 70% were short term thefts (stolen and recovered) whilst the remaining 30% were classified as profit motivated thefts (stolen and not recovered). This means that a total of 14,536 cars were stolen and sold for profit all around Australia.

This is quite an alarming number of vehicles stolen but this is no reason to panic as it solely depends on where you live in Australia, with some states worse off than others. We have also provided a quick and simple guide on how to reduce the chances of your vehicle being stolen.

Car theft rates by Australian state

image source: Budget Direct

Ranking the top 3 worst car theft rates by state, Victoria has taken first place with a whopping 29%, followed closely by NSW with 23%, and Queensland at 21%.

For us West Aussies, we are currently ranked 4th sitting at 16.4%.

How to prevent your car from being stolen

There are many ways a thief can steal your car, especially now with keyless remote technology opening up a gateway for hackers. So how does one protect their vehicle?

Here are 9 simple steps you can easily take to improve your security and awareness to lower the chances of your car being stolen:

1 – Keep your vehicle locked at ALL times. This is the golden rule, whether your car is parked at home, train station, or the office, even if your driving, ensure your car is locked at all times.

2 – NEVER leave your car running or unattended, even if you have stopped on the side of the road to use an ATM. Park your car, turn the engine off and take your keys. All a thief needs is a split second, the moment you look away to enter your pin number, and your car is gone.

3 – Make sure to close all your windows and sunroof.

4 – Don’t leave any valuables, bags, laptops or any other valuables lying on the seat or in visible sight. This is an open invitation for thieves.

5 – Install anti-theft systems or devices if you don’t already use them. Thieves are much more reluctant to steal vehicles that cannot be stolen quickly. You want to delay their process as much as possible. This can include steering wheel locks, ignition kill switches, floorboard locks, gear shift locks, and wheel locks. Tracking devices have also become increasingly popular, which can be activated when your car has been stolen.

6 – If you are not able to park your car in a secure location at night then make sure it is parked in a well lit area as thieves prefer to work in the dark.

7 – If your vehicle is parked on an incline, ensure that your wheels are turned towards the curb or some other obstruction. This makes it harder for thieves to tow or push your vehicle (2% of vehicles stolen in Australia were from being pushed or towed).

8 – If your windscreen or windows are chipped, cracked or damaged, repair or replace them immediately. Don’t give a thief a second chance at breaking into your car.

9 – Be aware of your surroundings at all times. If you are entering a neighbour notorious for its crime or car theft rate, lock your days, close the windows, and don’t stop for strangers. A popular technique criminals use to get drivers out of their cars is to gently nudge the rear end when stopped at traffic lights, prompting drivers to get out. Ring the police immediately if this happens to you.

What to take away

Compared to the rest of the world Australia doesn’t even make the top 10 countries for the highest car theft rate, with USA in first place, followed by UK, France, Italy and then Canada. But this doesn’t mean we can get comfortable.

By following the 9 simple steps on how to prevent your car from being stolen you are already one step ahead.

Don’t be another statistic, stand up against thieves and protect your vehicle.

If your car has been broken in a more traditional way such as by breaking one of your windows, we can help. We replace any windows of any vehicles’ model. We also provide road assistance should you need it across Perth, Kalgoorlie and Newman. Your safety is our priority.