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XIR Glass: How Windscreens Can Improve Performance On Sites

XIR glass is an excellent safety solution for your heavy machinery. Windscreens are a vital piece of your machinery on commercial sites, in particular for graders, drill rigs, excavators, bulldozers, and dump trucks. The commercial site law states that you are responsible for your workers’ safety. You, therefore, have to ensure that you are doing everything you possibly can to safeguard your personnel, as well as your equipment. And, as a bonus, XIR glass also greatly increases your workers’ productivity and minimises downtime. 

We discuss just some of the many benefits of switching to XIR glass, and how it can drastically increase your mining site’s performance by giving personnel a safer space to work in.

First Things First: Why is Windscreen Glass Important on Mine Sites

When there is only a layer of glass between your worker and catastrophe, well, it can lead to catastrophe. Not only can your workers get injured, but it can lead to long, dragged-out and expensive lawsuits, leading to disruption and downtime. That’s why you should always ensure that you adhere to the law, install the best possible heavy equipment glass solution, and communicate any safety risks with your staff.

Before you do so, you must first assess where you can switch from standard windscreen glass to XIR glass. You want to ensure that you take every precaution possible to ensure your site continues working steadily, with no accidents or downtime as a result of it.

What is XIR Glass? 

XIR fitting glass is designed to reflect or reject heat, as well as make it a lot stronger than standard windscreen glass. It has a low-reflectance appearance and allows for more light transmission, giving workers great visibility throughout the day and night. 

It has a heat-rejecting film set between the two layers of PVB and glass. It also allows for more than 70% of light to pass through and reflects about 50% of heat. Furthermore, you can combine XIR glass with tinted PVB, tempered glass, or laminated. 

Why Should I Choose XIR Glass for My Heavy Machinery

You get two kinds of XIR glass solutions for heavy machinery, namely XIR Laminated Monolithic and XIR Laminated IGU. The former is more for sloped or vertical overhead glass, whereas the latter is more a pane of XIR Laminated Glass and a second pane of glass, bonded by a space with a sealed air space in between. 

How XIR Glass Windscreens Can Improve Performance and Minimise Downtime on Sites 

Keep Workers Safe and Sound
By replacing your heavy machinery’s windscreen glass with XIR glass, you make it a lot tougher and less likely to crack or shatter. This is due to the PET and PVB interlayers that strengthen the glass, which, in turn, protects your workers and equipment, ultimately reducing operational downtime.

Improve Workers’ Vision Around the Clock
XIR glass is entirely transparent to give you great visibility, from day to night. This is vital as poor visibility can lead to accidents that could have easily been avoided. Always ensure that you also keep your windscreens clean to further improve your workers’ visibility. 

Lower Glare on Windscreen
Windscreen glare is distracting and can lead to accidents that could have easily been avoided with a clear, glare-free windscreen.

Decreased Reflections – Inside and Outside 
Just like glare, reflections can be distracting to any worker. However, with XIR glass, you minimise reflections external and internal reflections, such as cabin lights.

Help Workers and Machinery Work Harder, Longer
Using XIR fitting on windscreens minimises downtime of both your workers and machinery by avoiding any accidents. 

Keep Workers Alert
When warm, solar heat goes through your heavy machinery’s windscreen, it can cause fatigue, and your workers will slow down, making them more lethargic and therefore more likely to make errors. XIR glass helps to reflect 99% of ultraviolet light and 94% of infra-red radiation, helping them stay alert and productive. This is because it creates a cooler environment and lowers thermal skin sensation (TSS). 

Blocks Out Some Outdoor Noise 
Commercial sites can be very noisy, and this can be disruptive and distracting to workers. XIR glass’s PVB and PET layers serve a noise-dampening role, correlating high-frequency transmission from around 8 decibels to 5 decibels. This has a significant effect on hearing safety and overall working environment comfort. 

Regulates Temperature Inside Heavy Machinery
XIR laminated IGU acts as a kind of insulator, providing a comfortable temperature throughout the seasons. This increases worker satisfaction and comfort, thereby increasing overall productivity. 

Easy to Install, On site 
Certain commercial glass companies will come to you to install your XIR glass and minimise any disruptions to your work schedule. At Dean’s Autoglass, we only use approved, professional installers who pride themselves in their quality and efficient craft. 

In Conclusion: A More Comfortable Working Environment
Happy workers work harder and enjoy their work more. As a result, it leads to fewer mistakes and an increase in productivity.

Switch to High-Performance XIR Safety Glass Today: Windscreen Solutions Perth 

At Dean’s Autoglass, we understand that any downtime is money down the drain. That’s why we help to set you up for business with the best commercial glass solutions, ensure quick turn-around, competitive pricing, as well as mobile service – so that you don’t have to go anywhere, we come to you. Contact us today for all your commercial mining and civil heavy equipment glass solutions.