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XIR Glass and Windscreen Regulations on Commercial Mining Sites

As of late, there has been an increase in shattered windscreens on commercial mining sites in Australia. There are several risks involved with these shattered windscreens, including the risk of injuring personnel by flying glass and having to cough up money for injury lawsuits.

We discuss why you should reassess your current windscreen glass and consider implementing a more reliable XIR laminated glass solution on your commercial mining site to adhere to commercial mining site laws.

Importance of Windscreens on Commercial Mining Sites 

Several things can cause your windscreen on a commercial mining site to crack or shatter completely, from flying debris unexpectedly coming your way or objects like logs tumbling down or coming through the window. 

Therefore, it’s important to understand and implement the commercial mining sites’ windscreen regulations to adhere to the law and avoid hefty lawsuits and protect staff from injury.

Taking a Closer Look at Commercial Mining Sites Windscreen Regulations 

Clause 214 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 217 says that, as a person with management or control of a powered mobile plant at a workplace, you are responsible for being aware of and adhering to the commercial mining workplace laws to ensure worker safety. You have to manage all the dangers of potential things falling on the operator (in accordance with Part 3.1). 

This includes foreign objects falling on the operator from above and protecting them from objects lifted, loaded, or ejected from any machinery operating in the area.

Recommendations for Taking Precautions on Commercial Mining Sites 

The first thing you should consider is that piece of glass between your worker and their safety. You need to ensure that your heavy machinery in your commercial mining site is fitted with a glass designed for both heat and safety. It also needs to adhere to local Australian safety regulations and give your workers optimal visibility, comfort, and protection.

XIR glass ticks all of these boxes, as it is a lot stronger and heat-resistant. It is designed specifically with heavy machinery in mind, in particular for those vehicles such as graders, excavators, drill rigs, dump trucks, and bulldozers.

Here are some of the key recommendations you should consider to create a safe working space for your commercial mining site:

The What

Consider which heavy machinery you currently use that are enclosed by windscreens. Also keep in mind any heavy machinery not on your site but that will be brought on site at some stage.

The Where

Consider where said machinery will be operating on the mining site.

The How

Consider which activities these heavy machinery will have to perform and what these processes entail.

The Why

Now, take a closer look at the different types of risks and how they can occur. 

Steps to Evaluate Risks and Implement Solutions

  1. Assess Risks 
    What could potentially fall from above?
  1. Consider Severity 
    How severe would the effect of said object be?
  1. Look for a Solution
    What glass will best protect from said situation?
  1. Revise Site Standards 
    Consider other engineering protection, such as external structures to further guard workers from hazards. 
  1. Add to Your List 
    Tick off which of your sites already meet requirements and which will need to be improved .
  1. Formulate a Plan of Action 
    Develop a strategy to get all sites up to standard
  1. Review and update Documentation 
    Review and update all necessary documents to uphold these standards going forward.
  1. Inform and Educate Workers
    Explain to them what the windscreen glass used is, how it can protect them, and where they should take additional caution 

What is XIR Glass and Why Is It the Ideal Solution for Commercial Mining Site Equipment Windscreens?

XIR glass is designed specifically to reflect heat and therefore be heat-resistant to safeguard those working behind it. As you can imagine, both of these features are incredibly important when working on a commercial mining site. 

When your heavy machinery is faulty due to something as small as a cracked window, it can lead to costly downtime, as well as an expensive windscreen replacement. Therefore, you want to ensure that you set yourself up for success with a strong, heat resistant, and that adheres to local Australian regulations to give you peace of mind. 

XIR glass fitting to your heavy machinery can provide a more comfortable and, more importantly, safer environment for your workers, which will lead to increased productivity. 

XIR Fitting Perth: Your Mining and Civil Heavy Equipment Glass Solutions

As a trusted windscreen supplier of heavy equipment in the mining and civil industries, we can give you the peace of mind that you are equipped with the best possible windscreen glass to keep you and your workers safe. 

Our R&D department has gone through many tests to ensure that our XIR glass is safe and very strong. After testing it thoroughly, we have proof of its durability and strength, which trump most other laminated glass manufacturers out there. The results of our extensive tests speak for themselves, showing that our XIR glass comes out on top.
We understand your need to limit downtime and focus on productivity, and therefore help you secure and service all your heavy machinery and earth moving equipment. Get a quote today, and let’s help make your commercial mining site safer and more productive.