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Western Australia’s Most Scenic Drives

As we say goodbye to those dull and rainy winter days and welcome back the beautiful and sunny days of summer, it is time to hit the road jack! With the holidays around the corner and the kids itching for adventure, we have taken the liberty of packing your itinerary with some of Western Australia’s most scenic drives.

Perth Hills

Deans-Auto-Glass-Wa-Scenic-Drives-Perth-hills Sunset

As we look to head approximately 35 kms inland, we discover the beautiful and hilly drive of the Mundaring Weir through to Zigzag Road in Kalamunda. The drive to Mundaring Weir consists of numerous twisting roads immersed in forestry, wildlife and wildflowers, so you may want to take things slow and take in the scenery.

Once you arrive at the Mundaring Dam, stretch your legs and explore the surrounding bushland – make sure you grab maps! From Mundaring, follow the road out through to Bickley-Carmel Valley, stopping along the way for a bite to eat at one of the local wineries and breweries. To top it all off, we descend down Zigzag Road, one of Perth’s most famous scenic drives, with views of the sun setting across the Perth CBD.

West Coast Highway

Deans-Auto-Glass-Wa-Scenic-Drives-West Coast Highway

Arguably, one of Perth’s most prestigious drives is the West Coast Highway that links 19 beautiful beaches with stunning views across the coastline. You can begin the drive at any point along the highway but we recommend starting your trip with a coffee in North Fremantle. Follow the highway north till you arrive at Perth’s hottest beach Cottesloe, if you’re lucky you may catch sculptures by the sea.

The highway will eventually take you to Perth’s highest point – Reabold Hill that features breath taking views of the city and the coast.

Dinner time! making your way north, you will eventually hit Sorrento, choose from a wide range of restaurants, and find a nice spot on the beach and enjoy the sunset.

South Coast

Wa most beautiful scenic drives

This coastal drive takes us along the south from Fremantle to Rockingham toSafety Bay. Starting in Fremantle, have a quick bite whilst taking in the views of the harbour.

Following the scenic coastal drive to Rockingham, stop by the foreshore and enjoy a dip or coffee from the local cafe’s. Head south along the coastline passing some hidden gems along the way including Palm Beach and Safety Bay.

Swan River

Deans-Auto-Glass-Wa-Scenic-Drives-Elizabeth Quay

Starting along Riverside Drive, enjoy the beautiful skylines of Perth that overlook the river, as well as Perth’s famous Bell Tower and Elizabeth Quay.

At a cross road, you can either continue your journey along Mt’s Bay Road and check out the old swan brewery or make a quick detour and enjoy the city and river views from Kings Park.

Making your way towards Hackett Drive near UWA, we can begin our journey through the suburbs of Peppermint Cove, Matilda Bay and Mosman Park featuring some of Perth’s hottest properties.

Valley of The Giants


Leaving the Perth city behind, we head South West towards Pemberton, The Valley of Giants. The 48km scenic drive starts just to the north of the South West Highway, taking you through an ancient forest of towering giants of marri, karri and jarrah trees.

Make sure to grab some maps and explore some of the hidden lakes and caves in the surrounding area and don’t forget your camera!

Caves Road


One of WA’s most famous scenic drives and encompassing all things that are Western Australian, Caves Road should be on everyone’s bucket list. The scenic route is a whopping 111 km long filled with world-class wineries, breweries, chocolate and cheese factories.

Fill up your bellies and visit some of WA’s most historic places including the limestone caves, Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and world-renowned wineries of Margaret River.

Don’t forget to stop along the way and take in the beauty and vastness of nature that surrounds one of the most scenic drives WA has to offer.

The Pinnacles and Cervantes

Adventuring a little further north, approximately 55kms and just under an hours drive is Yanchep National Park. An excellent place to make a quick pit stop, check out one of the nine bushland trails offered in Yanchep National Park and meet some of the resident kangaroos, koalas, and wildlife that inhabit the woodlands and wetlands.

If you happen to go around September to October you will bare witness to a beautiful array of Spring wildflowers, just make sure you don’t pick any because it’s illegal!

Hop back in the car and begin making your way further north towards the Cervantes where the rock lobster, WA’s most valuable delicacy, awaits your taste buds.

Along this route you can either choose to stop by Lancelin and check out the sand dunes or the Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park to see the world renowned limestone spires.

Whichever pit stop you make first, you can always hit up the other one on the way back. We recommend stopping by Lancelin on the way back so you can catch a beautiful sunset into the Indian Ocean at the summit of a dune.

Carnamah-Eneabba Wildflower Drive

If you’re willing to drive 300kms north of the Perth CBD, you are in for a really special treat and arguably one of WA’s most scenic drives. Carnamah-Eneabba Wildflower drive is one of the largest and most spectacular wildflower displays in all of Western Australia and is home to over 180 species of fauna.

Give yourself about an hour or so to really enjoy the self-drive scenic road and appreciate the beauty of a natural floral exhibition with plenty of selfie opportunities along the way.

We recommend this drive between late July and early October when the wildflowers are in full bloom.

Coorow Wildflower Drive

As we say goodbye to the last few weeks of Winter and welcome in the beautiful warmth and colour of Spring, there’s no other way than to welcome it with arms wide open. About a 3-hour drive north of Perth and renowned for its overabundance in wildflowers is Coorow Wildflower Drive.

Best viewed from any roadside verge along the way or park up and hike any of the local native bushland trails to get up close and personal with the fauna and wildlife. Make sure to keep an eye out for kangaroos, emus and the occasional kookaburra. There are 3 drives to explore: Coorow Farm, Green Head Road and Latham Road.

We recommend this drive between late July and early October when the wildflowers are in full bloom.

Blackwood River Tourist Drive

If you’re seeking a picturesque weekend getaway brimming with lush green meadows, vibrant orchards, towering tall jarrah and marri forests and quaint little towns filled with history and delicious local produce, it’s time you explored Blackwood River Drive.

Located approximately 240kms south of Perth, you’ll find an easy 2WD, 113km loop-trail that takes you through some of WA’s most breathtaking countryside. The trail begins at Balingup Visitor Information Centre on the corner of Brockman Street and Blackwood River Drive, with Oak Grove Walk as your first stop. 

Continue down South Western Highway until you reach Greenbushes. Here you’ll find the famous Bibbulmun track, you can either choose to explore this track on foot or simply drive on through. Next stop Bridgetown. 

This is where you’ll find Blackwood River Walk. Definitely get out of the car for this one and stretch your legs to explore this magnificent 6km trail or 8km if you include the town. Next up, Old Timberline and Sidings Rail Trail in Nannup, your final destination.

Hopefully, you’ve saved most of your energy for this 22km, one-day bike ride or 2-day walk or paddle along the Blackwood River. There’s an overnight hut on the bend of St John Brook. If you plan on camping overnight, it totals to a 37km loop, returning to Nannup from Old Sidings Trail.

Destination home has been set. It’s time to head back to where you started, but it’s where you’ll finally get to see Blackwood River Tourist Drive, WA’s most picturesque farming countryside, a peaceful and pleasant way to end your getaway.

PS: Don’t forget to stop in Bridgetown and Balingup for some delicious food at the local pubs and restaurants.

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