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Relive The Glory Days with WA Car Enthusiast Clubs

From classic and vintage cars, to brand new makes and models, these Western Australian car enthusiast clubs let you relive a great era of Australian motoring.

You’re out on the Perth roads one weekend and a wave of 20 classic cars cruise past you bumper to bumper, engines grunting, exhausts popping and suddenly your hit with a sense of nostalgia. You remember the first car your parents had owned as a child, the sensation of opening the door and smelling the leather interior for the first time, it’s a moment you’ll never forget.

Whether you’ve just bought a new or used car, nothing comes close to this moment as a kid, although I must admit, a new car smell is quite mesmerising. Thankfully, these car clubs in Perth refuse to let that feeling disappear and relive it on the daily.

Avon Valley Vintage Vehicle Association

Established in 1985 in Northam, Western Australia, the A.V.V.V.A was founded to cater for all enthusiasts of machinery including motor vehicles, motorcycles and any other motoring memorabilia over 25 years of age. There will be a club run and meeting held on June 15th where a few club members show off their impressive collection of mobile and stationary engines.

Check out Avon Valley Vintage Vehicle Association facebook page or website for more information on how to become a member.

Charger Club of WA

The Charger Club of WA was established in 1996 as a Charger only club, which was changed soon after to cater for all forms of Chrysler products in Western Australia. Cars in the club range from early ‘R’ Series Valiants, to CM Chryslers, and various American models including American Charges, Challengers and Cudas. There are also newer Chrysler models which include 300C’s, Neons, PT Cruisers, and Jeeps. The next event will be held on the 16th of June.

For more information on how to become a member check out Charger Club of WA’s facebook page or visit their website.

Chevrolet Club of W.A.

Originally founded in 1981 as the Veteran & Vintage Chevrolet Club of Australia WA Branch, the club soon found themselves growing exponentially and by 1985 members voted to form a new club called the Chevrolet Club of W.A. The club is an open one that is free to anyone with a passion for the Chevrolet brand, regardless if they own a Chevy or not, there is no prerequisite to own one. However, you’ll soon find out that most members eventually do. The club accepts all Chevy makes and models and from all years, with one member owning one of the oldest registered Chevys in WA, a 1922 Model 490 Chevrolet.

You can check out their facebook page here or find out when the next Chevrolet Club of W.A. event is on their website.

Classic Cars & Coffee

A worldwide phenomenon known as Classic Cars & Coffee is an easy going motoring event and club that welcomes car enthusiasts to come and display their rides over a hot cuppa. A fitting event for WA, considering we’re known as the ‘nanna state’, the relaxed event features an array of cars each month at the University of Western Australia in Perth. However, there are terms and conditions which limit the cars that are welcomed and can include classic and vintage cars, exotic and rare, luxury and prestige marques.

Find out more information on when the next Classic Cars & Coffee meet up is from their facebook page or visit their website.

Corvettes of WA

Is a not-for-profit organisation that welcomes all Corvette owners and enthusiasts to come join them on their general meetings which are held bi-monthly. They hold a number of events each year with the next meet up on the 16th of June at the Classic Cars and Coffee event held at the University of Western Australia starting at 8:30am. The club encourages the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of all Corvettes and hopes to see you at their next meeting.

Find out how you can become a member today.

Holden Car Club of WA

The Holden Car Club of WA was founded in 1984 when a group of Holden owners first displayed their prized vehicles at the Classic Car Day held at Lilac Park in Guildford. The not for profit organisation was created for all Holden owners and enthusiasts, as well as for those who had a passion for Holden motoring in Western Australia. The club now has over 150 members with over 200 registered Holdens ranging from all different years, makes and models. You can check out some of their rare collection here.

To keep up to date with events held by The Holden Car Club of WA you can check out their website here.

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