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Things to see in Newman

There is plenty of gorgeous spots to drive to around Newman; we compiled our team’s favourite ones for you to enjoy.


Karijini National Park


Credit: Ian Beattie Photography


Not quite situated in the heart of Newman but is most accessible from Newman following a 3 hour drive 280kms North West is the world-renowned and spectacular Karijini National Park. Surviving the test of time, the park has been shaped and carved over millions of years to create breath taking gorges, hiking trails, hidden lakes, and watercourses. There is an abundance of wildlife and wildflowers in the area so keep an eye out and make sure to stay away from dingoes. The best times to visit the park are late autumn, winter and early spring as it is best to avoid during the peak of summer due to extreme temperatures during the day and night.


Marble Bar and Nullagine



Approximately 191kms North of Newman is the town of Nullagine situated along the Nullagine River. The town of Nullagine is famously known for its gold during the gold rush in 1900s and its spectacular picturesque opportunities during winter and early spring where the waterholes including Beatons Creek Gorge, Garden and Daylight Pools are full and abundant with life. If you are feeling lucky and are in the area, the Town of Nullagine still offers prospecting, just make sure to acquire the appropriate licenses.

Heading further North, approximately 120kms, we arrive at what Australia has coined the ‘hottest town in Australia’, Marble Bar. The town is famously known for its marble like terrain that shimmers in the sun on the bed of the Coongan River so be sure to check out the magic. During the summer months temperatures can reach up to 50C degrees and is recommended to be cautious when visiting during these times.


Outback Waterholes


There are a number of waterholes all within 100kms out from Newman that make for excellent day trips if you happen to be stopping by Newman or spending a few days there. Some pools to visit –

Kalgan Pool is approximately 65kms out from Newman by car and follows the Outback Explorer Trail and offers beautiful views from the cliffs as well as a scenic walk along Kalgan Creeks.

Silent Gorge and Coondiner Creek is 12kms out from Newman which eventually also connects up to Eagle Rock Pool provides a great camping, fishing and swimming spot for the family.

Weeli Wolli Springs is a little further out and is approximately 100kms out from Newman. The springs are a mini oasis consisting of different pools and small waterfalls surrounded by an abundance of wildlife and flora.


BHP Billiton Mt. Whaleback Mine Tours



If you happen to be stopping in Newman or passing by then why not check out the world’s largest single open cut iron ore mine. The tour usually lasts around 1.5 hours and it is advised to where long sleeve clothing that goes to your wrists and ankles as well as enclosed shoes. The mine is open for tours from 9:15am through to Sunday.


Cape Keraudren National Park



For those who have a little more time on their hands and don’t mind the drive, then the picturesque beach views of Cape Keraudren National Park is going to hit the spot. The Cape is approximately 600kms North of Newman and 179kms North of Port Hedland along the Great Northern Highway. Be wary that the park is a low-key recreational area and disturbance to the environment must be kept to a minimum, this also means no dogs are allowed. Take a break from the orange dust and replace it with crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches of Cape Keraudren.


If you’re driving Newman during Spring or Summer, it can get quite hot, consider renting a car that has tinted windows and follow these tips to beat the heat.

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