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perth Best Dog Beaches

Top 7 Dog Beaches in Perth

An outing to the beach is without a doubt your dog’s highlight of the week. That’s why we hand-picked our top dog beaches in Perth that are a short drive away and will get your dog’s tail wagging. 

Since Perth is renowned for its long stretches of shoreline lapped by pristine waves, there’s no reason why you can’t share it with man’s best friend. However, always remember to check the tide as well as when the wind will pick up to ensure a safe and comfortable stroll with your pooch. 

In no particular order, here are some of Peth’s best seaside playgrounds for your pup that gets the paws up from us. 

Best Dog Beaches in Perth

1. Hillary’s Dog Beach (Whitfords Nodes)

Hillary's dog beach

This beach is perfect for an active dog that needs to get rid of some excess energy as it’s long and wide. Dogs are also allowed to go off-leash here but take note that only dogs that are trained to play with other dogs will be allowed to do so.

There is a rather big car park approximately 50m away from the beach and there are shower facilities for you and your dog.

On the weekend, get your pup pampered with a full wash done by a professional on the car park and grab a coffee from the coffee van right next to it.

2. Mosman-Leighton Dog Beach

This beach is 2km in length with high dunes and delightful waves for your pup to frolic in.

When walking on the pathways or in the car park, your dog will have to be on a leash. However, there is an off-leash area west of the parking area. 

3. Peasholm Dog Beach

This beach, complete with toilets, showers, water bowls, a water fountain, and lots of parking, is the perfect exercise beach for you and your dog. The sandbank is rather wide for most of the year, allowing you lots of space to explore.

The water is also shallow for a long stretch, making it not only perfect for your dog but kids too.

There is a water fountain to quench your pup’s thirst before heading back to the car park.

Avoid getting sand all over your car by rinsing your dog and your feet under the shower. 

4. South of City Beach Dog Beach 

There are two car parks and the smaller one is where the dog exercise beach starts. Here at the start of the route, you will also find a shower and water fountain with a dog water bowl where you can rinse off and hydrate. It’s a popular spot for locals who bring their dogs as well as their kids to take a swim in the shallow water. After a stroll down the beach, you can replenish your energy by dining at one of the restaurants at the City Beach dining precinct. However, please note that you cannot reach it via the beach but can walk there from the car park along the coastal path or drive there. Dogs are welcome to join you at some of these restaurants.

5. Quinns Rock

This beach is rather sheltered from the wind and big waves as it faces southwest. This means that it is safe for swimming with your pup as well as with kids.

Here you will have access to a car park, water stations, poo-bags, and bins. There is also a great café on the route if you would like to grab a bite to eat.

6. Trigg Dog Beach

Surrounded by rocks on both sides of the beach, it’s a sheltered and safe space to roam. There are also several dog-friendly cafés where you can stop to spoil your (and your dog’s) palate. Not big but a great local spot for a stroll.

7. South Fremantle Dog Beach

This beach is described as a ‘paradise for dogs’ by TripAdvisor reviewers and is very popular among locals. If you do decide to go here, keep in mind that it’s usually rather busy so only consider going there if your dog is used to other dogs. There is more than enough parking, as well as shower facilities and nearby cafés. 

Rules on Dog Beaches in Perth

There are many set as well as unwritten rules when it comes to taking your dog to the beach in Perth.

If you would like more information around the safety and regulations when driving with your pets, you can read our other blog post on the topic here.

Be on the Lookout 

Always be on the lookout for any signage or restrictions that you will have to adhere to. Not only that, keep in mind that some areas might have dangerous snakes or objects that could injure your dog, so ensure that you have full visibility and stick to the paths. 

Carry a Baggie

Although many of the spots will provide bags, it is always a good idea to bring your own so that you can pick up after your dog. Remember, they don’t know where they are allowed to go. When it’s time, it’s time! So, it’s always better to be prepared to avoid hefty fines and smirks from other beach walkers.

Lead the Way

Always have your lead ready! Even when your dog will run free at a later stage, it’s very important to have it ready when you run into any problems or conflict with other dogs. Also, note that only dogs who are trained to be friendly with other dogs can be off their leashes. There are usually specifically dedicated areas where you are allowed to take off your dog’s leash. Only do so in these areas to avoid spoiling your outing with any incidents. 

Never Let Man’s Best Friend Out of Sight

You should never let your dog run off alone. Always keep an eye on your pooch to ensure that neither you nor your dog will run into trouble.

There you have it. Play away in Perth, puppy! 

If you’re planning on driving with your dog in the car, do it safely.
Get a refresh on the WA driving with pets rules.