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How To Claim Car Window Damage Through Your Insurance

How To Claim Car Window Damage Through Your Insurance

Damage to the windscreen or window glass of your vehicle can happen at any time. From road debris flicked up by passing vehicles to malicious damage, your car windscreen can be damaged in many ways. 

There’s no such thing as a good time to have to repair or replace your windscreen, so it pays to be prepared.

But, even if you are prepared for the worst with windscreen replacement insurance you might be asking yourself how you can actually make a claim?

What Is Windscreen Insurance?

When repairing or replacing your windscreen, with car insurance with free windscreen replacement you can avoid being out of pocket. Enjoy excess free windscreen or window glass repair or replacement.

If you don’t have windscreen insurance, you can pay hundreds when replacing your windscreen.

Is Windscreen Insurance Standard?

Windscreen cover is not always included in comprehensive car insurance. Windscreen replacement insurance is sometimes part of optional extras available that require you to pay additional premium costs.

Check with your insurer if you can claim windscreen insurance as part of your cover.

Some insurers may only cover the cost to repair any damage to your windscreen but won’t cover the costs of replacing your windscreen.

Check what your car insurance covers and read the terms and conditions of your insurance to see if you have windscreen replacement insurance included in your cover.

How Does Windscreen Insurance Work?

Windscreen insurance is simple, really. Just pay your insurer as you would normally and then when the time comes to make windscreen insurance claim your insurer will cover a partial or full amount of the cost to repair or replace your windscreen. 

If your insurer only covers a partial amount, then you will need to pay an excess.

Is Windscreen Insurance Worth It?

While comprehensive car insurance with free windscreen replacement is available from several insurers, it can still be all too easy to start doubting if windscreen insurance is worth it. 

Before you choose to not pay for windscreen insurance, it’s important to consider the costs.

Is the cost to repair bigger than the cost of insurance? Do you get real value from your windscreen insurance?

Cost to Replace

The cost of replacing your windscreen or side window glass in the event it becomes damaged can be an expensive procedure. 

For the most common vehicles on the road, you can expect to pay between $250 to $400. You can also expect to find a range of aftermarket windscreen or window glass options available for popular vehicles.

Some newer model cars may boast features such as windscreens with electronic sensors to detect when it’s raining and automatically enable your car’s windscreen wipers. 

Rare car models might also have less usable parts available for repairs. These are just some of the reasons that you might pay anywhere close to $1000 for your windscreen repair.

Cost of Insurance

As mentioned previously, comprehensive car insurance can vary between insurers. Some covers may include windscreen replacement as an optional extra that you pay an additional premium for. 

Other insurers include windscreen replacement as part of their standard comprehensive car insurance.

It’s important to know that due to standard excesses, it might not actually be cost-effective to make an insurance windscreen replacement claim. 

To work around this issue, many insurers offer excess free windscreen replacement. Simply pay a little bit more, and you can dodge a large excess bill when you begin the windscreen insurance claim procedure.

The cost of comprehensive car insurance varies between insurance companies, but you can compare policies here and find which works best for you and your vehicle.

How to Claim Windscreen Insurance?

When it comes time to claim windscreen insurance, it can be an intimidating process, especially if you haven’t done it before.

Thankfully, making a windscreen insurance claim is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

1. Make note of the damage

Get as much detail about the damage done to your vehicle as possible. When, where, and how need to be answered. Taking photos is also a good idea.

2. Ask if is criminal activity involved?

If you think a criminal activity is involved in the damage to your windscreen or window glass you’ll need to report it to the police. They’ll give you a case number for this.

3. Get in contact with your insurer

Talk to your insurer and provide them with the details of the damage to your windscreen. Your insurer may organise an assessor to inspect the damage themselves.

This will determine if the damage is covered by your comprehensive car insurance and if it is significant enough to proceed.

4. Repair your windscreen or window glass

Book your vehicle in to repair or replace your windscreen or window glass then get back on the road.

Can I Choose My Own Repairer?

If you wish to choose your own repairer when repairing or replacing your windscreen, you will need to check with your insurance policy. Not every policy allows you to choose your own repairer.

Windscreen Damage FAQ

Can I Drive With a Cracked Windscreen?

If the damage is done to your windscreen, regardless of if it is a crack or chip, impairs the vision of the driver in any way it can be considered illegal. 

If you get into an accident while your windscreen is damaged you may be charged with a more serious motoring offence.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Windscreen Damage?

Some of the most common causes of damage to your windscreen include:

Flying debris

Stones and other debris can get thrown upwards by moving vehicles and collide with your windscreen. This is a particular threat when driving on loose or unsealed roads.

Bad weather

Weather conditions such as harsh wind may throw debris through the air, or hail may cause chipping or large cracks.

Sudden changes in weather

Rapid changes in temperature can cause your windscreen to contract or expand and this may cause cracks to appear.

A vehicle is an investment and one of the most helpful tools you can have. As such, it’s important to provide the best care for your vehicle. 

Don’t get caught having to pay large excess costs, and don’t be stuck having to drive with a damaged windscreen. 

Make sure that you have windscreen replacement under insurance and be prepared for any situation.

Remember that making a windscreen insurance claim is simple, just be sure not to rush through the process and you’ll be back on the road in no time.