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Can Worn-Out Windscreen Wipers Damage My Windscreen?

Wipers seem like a tiny and easily replaceable part of your car. And yes, in some ways, they are. However,  they also play a significant role in ensuring your windscreen is up to standard. More importantly, they provide that you have clear visibility of the road ahead, keeping you safe.

Wiper Blades as the Custodians of Your Windscreen 

Although wiper blades might be small, they’re essential to your safety while driving. If you had to drive without wipers, your visibility would be severely compromised, especially in challenging weather conditions and situations. 

Your wipers act like the custodians of your windscreen. You can have an immaculate windscreen, but with poor functioning wiper blades, it’s effectively useless.  

Why Wiper Blades Are Important

It does not help to have a flawless windscreen but poor functioning wiper blades. Here are just some of the ways wiper blades serve you.

Helps Preserve Your Windshield  

Your wiper blades preserve your windshield when it comes into contact with weather elements, oils, moisture, and lots of debris. Perished wiper blades will cause poor visibility on the road, and over time they will cause significant damage to your windscreen. 

Assists with Visibility While Driving 

Without fully functioning wiper blades, your visibility problems will include struggles with bad light mirroring, warped vision, and difficulty determining distances on the road. 

Your wiper blades are simple parts made up out of rubber and metal. The rubber acts as a sheath for the mechanical metal part that allows your wiper blades to move across your windscreen when needed. 

How and Why Do Wiper Blades Get Damaged?

 Weather elements, for example, direct exposure to sunlight, rain and even hailstorms for prolonged times, will undoubtedly influence the integrity of your wiper blades and significantly shorten their lifespan. 

Part of your wiper blades’ function is to collect dirt and debris that ends up on your windshield and accumulates over time. Consequently, your wiper blades need to be checked and regularly replaced as they will perish. 

How Should I Inspect My Wiper Blades?

Regular checks on your wiper blades are likely not at the top of your priority list as they should be. However, they are equally as crucial in checking your car’s tyres or oil. 

Over time, particularly when your car is exposed to elements, the rubber sheaving of your wiper blade may start to perish. You later end up having metal shears scrape over your windshield instead of the rubber. 

The problem is that you might not notice this straight away as the blades’ damage is not that apparent, and you can only really notice it when inspected very closely. So, you might be surprised to hear that you need a windscreen repair or replacement due to damaged wiper blades!

It’s important to remember that driving with a cracked windscreen is considered illegal in Perth when it’s affecting your visibility. 

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Wiper Blade

  • Even though they are functioning, your visibility still seems poor. 
  • Your wiper blades may leave scum-like marks as they work. 
  • Your windscreen is not cleaned uniformly, leaving some spots untouched and foggy.
  • You might hear a scratching sound when your wipers are working. 
  • Waterdrops still linger on the windscreen when the windscreen should be dry, indicating that water molecules are trapped in the grooves. 
  • Upon close inspection, you will see metal parts sticking through the rubber sheath, where the rubber has started to perish. 
  • Any piece of rubber that is loose from the metal frame is a sure sign of damage. 

How to Care for Your Wiper Blades

You can keep your wiper blades in good condition by:

  • Checking them regularly and wiping off any debris stuck on the rubber sheathing. 
  • Cleaning your windshield regularly to strip off any pebbles and other debris which might compromise your blades. 
  • Regularly wipe your blades to ensure that filth does not accumulate and get stuck on your blades. 
  • A good tip is always to keep your wiper fluid filled up to assist in properly cleaning your window while providing a cleanse to your blades. 

Check your wiper blades every six months if replacement is needed. The lifespan could likely be longer, but if your car is regularly exposed to weather elements, it is better to check on your blades more often. 

But What if The Damage is Already Done?

Unfortunately, your wiper blades could, over time, cause a lot of damage to your windscreen. If not checked regularly, this damage to your windscreen might seem subtle or even not visible to the naked eye, but the consequences are significant. 

Worn wiper blades, particularly when the rubber sheath has perished, will create small grooves on the surface of your windscreen. Moisture then seeps into these grooves, and this affects the integrity of your windscreen. Often, this moisture gets filled with dirt, making your windscreen look hazy. The moisture could also freeze when exposed to extreme weather, rendering it susceptible to cracks and chips. 

Wiper Blades Are Essential in Road Safety 

You should get a professional to inspect your windscreen if you become aware that your visibility is affected. Dean’s Autoglass can quickly repair a small chip, which can help prevent it from later causing a crack in your windscreen. 

If significant damage has been done or a crack has formed in your windscreen, we recommend replacing your windscreen entirely. Driving around with a large crack in your windscreen is illegal. Moreover, it’s extremely dangerous as it hinders your visibility.

Windscreen Repair or Replacement In Perth

Understandably, it’s easy to miss this small and relatively cheap part of your car’s maintenance. You can easily maintain and inspect your wipers yourself. 

If you think that your windscreen is unfortunately compromised, contact us at Dean’s Autoglass in Perth for a professional opinion on how we can assist with windscreen repair or windscreen replacement.