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Camp Your Way Through WA

It’s that time of year again where we can finally come out of hibernation and say goodbye to those cold and rainy days of winter, and welcome the lovely sunshine of spring. What better way to enjoy the good weather of spring than to visit some of Western Australia’s bests caravan parks which offer some family bonding time, an escape from the 9 to 5 and all within a stone’s throw away. Here are our top picks for caravan parks to visit in WA:


Fonty’s Pool Caravan Park




Fonty’s Pool Caravan Park is located in the heart of Manjimup forest and is approximately 300kms south of Perth which is roughly a 3 and a half hour drive. As the name suggests, the caravan park is situated around Fonty’s Pool and is totally immersed in WA’s spectacular bushland. There is a 51-meter tree climb with a viewing platform at the top called Diamond Tree, a truffle and wine festival for the adults (22-25 June) or explore and navigate your way through one of WA’s longest bush trails the Bibbulmun Track.


Hamelin Bay Holiday Park



Hamelin Bay is located approximately 311kms south of Perth and is roughly a 3 and a half hour drive. The bay is famous for its pristine beaches, the iconic wooden remnants of a former jetty and if you are lucky you may encounter some stingrays close enough to touch. The caravan park is located amongst the trees just past the sand dunes and is fully equipped with amenities, hot showers, camp kitchens with gas and microwaves. There are also plenty of wineries for the adults, all within 5 to 30 minutes’ drive.


Jurien Bay Tourist Park


Heading 2 and a half hours in the opposite direction and approximately 220kms north of Perth we come across Jurien Bay. With the Jurian Bay Tourist Park almost situated on the beach, it comes as one of the most ideal and popular fishing spots, as well as offering a snorkelling experience in the calmer waters amongst the limestone reef.


Wave Rock Caravan Park


Wave Rock Caravan Park


Moving away from the coast and heading approximately 330kms inland we have Wave Rock Caravan Park in Hyden. Wave Rock Caravan Park provides a large undercover area with tables, chairs, a TV and large camp kitchen, and there is also a swimming pool and playground to keep the kids entertained. The main attraction is Wave Rock – as it sounds, it is a giant rock approximately 14 meters tall and 110 meters in length, and as you guessed it, in the shape of a wave. The phenomenon is surrounded by multiple trails and beautiful wildflowers during the spring season that are worth exploring.


Karijini Eco Retreat



If you are feeling adventurous then Karijini National Eco in the Pilbara is the retreat for you, providing you are up for the 15-hour drive which is roughly 1400kms north of Perth.  The retreat offers a wide range of camping accommodations including eco tents, dorm style tents/cabins and most recently ‘glamping’ options for those who miss the comfort of their home.


Sunset Beach Caravan Park


Sunset Beach Caravan Park


Going back to the coast and approximately 4 hours 40minutes north of Perth is Geraldton’s Sunset Beach Caravan Park. The park is located right on the beach front so you don’t have to go far to experience what Geraldton has to offer. It is perfect for a fishing trip, wind surfing or even just a relaxing get away to enjoy good company whilst watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean. With spring making its debut it is the perfect time to see all the wildflowers in full bloom.


Perth Hills Discovery Centre


Bibbulmun Track Foundation Waterfall


If you are looking a getaway closer to home the Perth Hills Discovery Centre is located just 40minutes out from Perth in Mundaring. The park is surrounded by different trails including the famous Bibbulmun Track and is especially spectacular during spring when all the wildflowers are in full bloom. There are 12 small campsites on offer, all equipped with camp kitchens and hot showers. We have a few additional perfect places for families around Perth should you need more ideas. 


The time you spend driving can be special as well, WA has some breath-taking scenic drives that would entertain any family member. Make sure to check the list out and add them to your itinerary whenever possible.

Before any long driving trip, make sure your car is up to safety standards. replace your cracked windscreen, inspect where your car is at with the fluids, check your tyres and have a spare in the back just in case.
Make it more enjoyable with tinted windows, which will help everyone to cool off in Summer and protect them from damaging UV rays.
It also won’t hurt if you decide to refresh your memory by reading tips on how to tow your caravan.