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7 Ways Vehicle Fleet Management Software Can Improve Your Business

How Vehicle Fleet Management Softwares Improve Your Business

You may have heard about this software at some point in time, whether it was your business partner, a random Google ad (probably targeted), or an automated email, but your company only has 3-5 vehicles.

So you shrugged it off. 

What you may not realise, is that vehicle fleet management software can actually improve your business in many ways, large or small.

Fleet management software allows companies to manage their vehicle fleet more effectively and efficiently by providing real-time data that can help maintain optimal use of their vehicles using a centralised system.

In this article we will explain the purpose of fleet management software and how it can benefit your business.

What is the purpose of fleet management?

The purpose of vehicle fleet management is to ensure your vehicle fleet, whether it is small or large, are operating as smoothly and efficiently as possible to keep costs to a minimum and maintain compliance with government regulations.

What does fleet management software do?

Common fleet management software products usually include:

  • Dispatch planning and scheduling
  • GPS tracking
  • Price and quote management
  • Smart route planning and optimisation
  • Organised fleet maintenance
  • Cargo transport optimisation
  • Warranty tracker
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery
  • Auto-resolved Alerts

What are the benefits of using vehicle fleet management?

  • Better fuel management. Manage your fleet’s operational costs by effectively reducing it’s fuel consumption. With real time fuel management in conjunction with satellite tracking systems, dispatchers can efficiently plan the most convenient routes, avoid traffic congestion, and pinpoint refueling locations.
  •  Improved time management. The addition of GPS trackers helps dispatchers, drivers and management better organise their time and working schedule to avoid clashes and mishaps. Plan travel routes efficiently with traffic updates that can predict the time of departure and arrival while avoiding congestion.
  •  Provide better customer service. Using integrated trackings, customers will be able to receive live updates and information about the location of their packages. Along with efficient planning, improved scheduling and transport routes, customers are more likely to receive the items on time, providing better customer satisfaction.
  • Improved communication = A happy team. Information readily available for employer to employee provides better communication, this means less mistakes and less frustration, resulting in satisfied employees. 
  • Reduced insurance costs. One feature offered with fleet management software is it’s anti-theft system which decreases the cost of insurance by reducing the risk of loss/theft. In the long run, it provides improved road safety and reduced accident rates, which all contribute to the cost of insurance.
  • Consolidated Warranty. When it comes to warranties on vehicles, it extends far beyond the actual vehicle itself. Trying to track each individual parts manufacturer warranty for ten odd vehicles without some sort of system in place can be a nightmare. With vehicle fleet management software, tracking warranties becomes far more manageable and can be programmed to provide automatic updates when warranties are near expiration/expired.
  • Save on maintenance costs. Organised maintenance logs provide readily available information on the maintenance history of a vehicle. This provides mechanics and technicians in or outside the organisation with the current status of all aspects of the vehicle. With proactive maintenance this can lead to increased efficiency in repairs, reduced downtime, and extend the life of the vehicle.

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