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Deans' autoglass - man driving - beat the heat during summer

Driving Tips To Beat The Heat

As we enter the peak of summer and temperatures begin to soar, driving can become a bit of an annoyance, or in the worst cases hazardous as our vehicles turn into portable ovens. Driving in extreme heat can pose significant challenges and risks, all the more when you manage a fleet of vehicles, but by taking a few simple precautions we can ensure your safety and comfort is optimal this summer.

Here are some simple tips to stay cool and safe on the roads this season.

Stay Hydrated

It is extremely important to keep hydrated, especially on longer drives. Always bring a bottle of water before heading out.

Slip Slop Slap

Put on some sunscreen before heading out, especially on areas of your body that are exposed to the sun while your driving. ‘Drivers’ arm’ in particular, will be exposed for the majority of the drive and can be quite damaging for those who do not have window tinting or have the window down.

Window Tint

Tinting your windows will help reduce your car’s energy usage, keep the interior cool, and put less strain on the air conditioning system. Window tint prevents up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays from damaging your interior but also protect your passengers. Beat the sun this summer, contact Dean’s Auto Glass for more information on window tinting or a free quote.

Check Your Fluids

Driving in hot weather puts a heavy strain on your engine, especially when at a standstill. Ensure that all your fluids are topped up and at their recommended levels. Fluids to look out for can include:
Engine oil, brake fuid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, windscreen washer fluid, fuel.

Coolant System

Your radiator coolant should be replaced and flushed on a periodic basis – check your owner’s manual for more details. To top up your coolant, locate the plastic overflow cap under the hood in the engine bay. There should be a reserve tank connected to your cooling system that has a meter on the side indicating low and high. It is good practice to always check your coolant when your engine is cool or prior to driving – DO NOT open the radiator cap when the engine is hot as you will release hot steam and possibly boiling fluid. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended level of coolant required and off you go!    

Cool and Comfortable

Give yourself a head start and beat the heat by keeping your car cool. Park in the shade wherever possible, open your doors and windows, and run your aircon for a few minutes to expel the hot air trapped inside before setting off. If you notice your air conditioning is lacking, take it to a certified technician to have them service it. Your cabin air filter should be replaced every six months.

Tyre Pressure

Before embarking on your journey, ensure that your tyres are properly inflated. This can easily be done at your local petrol station or even at home with a tyre pressure gauge. Driving with slightly deflated tyres causes heat to buildup, the heat will cause the tyres to expand, and in already hot conditions can be hazardous. Drive safely and maintain your tyres this summer.

If you are managing a mine or a construction site, heat is a permanent health and safety matter on your mind. We have developed a XIR laminated glass that can withstand extreme heat condition and is extra resistant so your operators feel safe and stay cool. Our glass can be cut on site to fit any of your machinery, simply contact us to find out more about our services and products.