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The Dangerous Roads Close to Home


You probably drive down this road every day and you might not even know that it’s one of Perth’s most dangerous roads. The RAC has devised a list of the top 10 most dangerous roads and intersections to avoid in Perth, but what determines a road more dangerous from another? There are a number of reasons why these roads and intersections have been labelled as notorious crash sites, here are some examples:

Denny Avenue X Streich Avenue, Kelmscott

Arguably Perth’s most dangerous road/ intersection and has been wreaking havoc since the early 2000’s is only just a 150 meter stretch. Deep within the suburb of Kelmscott and labelled Perth’s most dangerous road by RAC, Denny Avenue continues to be a problematic road for all motorists. Complaints had been made year after year saying it had a confusing layout, inadequate turning and crossing opportunities, and a poor traffic light system. Within 2011 to 2015 there were a total of 145 crashes which amounted to almost $3.5 million in damage and yet the troublesome road remains unfunded and untouched.


 Toodyay Road, Red Hill to Toodyay

Coming in at 2nd on Perth’s top 10 most dangerous roads is truck central, Toodyay road. The road currently lacks overtaking opportunities, has narrow lanes and bridges, tight curves and blind crests. Nothing sounds scarier than a road train appearing in front of you after going over a blind crest or the gravitational pull as it drives passed you on those narrow lanes.  In more recent times, there has been an increase in traffic as motorists have pulled over on the side of the road to visit the abandoned mine site resulting in the highest fatal and serious crashes per kilometre in Perth.


Edgewater Drive X Ocean Reef Road, Edgewater

The intersection has inadequate crossing and turning opportunities as well as an inadequate traffic light system. If we combine all of these with a high speed limit we have our number three most dangerous intersection in Perth.


Armadale Road, Cockburn to Armadale

Used as truck route you would expect this road to contain wide overtaking lanes, especially over bridges. Unfortunately, Armadale road currently lacks overtaking opportunities and is extremely narrow resulting in high congestion of the area. Fortunately for us, the Government of WA has realised this issue and have commenced a $145 million project to widen the road into a dual carriageway in each direction in a bid to reduce this congestion.


Garden Street X Nicholson Road X Yale Road, Canning Vale

The notorious Nicholson Road roundabout that has had countless alterations made yet is still confusing as ever. A confusing layout has been put in place whilst the Nicholson Road Bridge is currently under construction causing a lot of congestion and reducing the turning/crossing opportunities.


Being able to avoid these dangerous roads is one thing but what else can you do to ensure your safety on the roads? If you are unsure, Dean’s Autoglass has given you a place to start, where safety always comes first. Did you know that a chipped windscreen isn’t properly doing its job anymore and represents a danger? We can repair your windscreen in just a few hours so stop putting it off. If you’re not sure whether you need to repair or replace your windscreen, we have listed a few elements that will have to be taken in account when you discuss it with a professional.