Considering Tinting Your Car Windows? Check the WA Laws First

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Getting your car windows tinted seems like an easy enough task whether you D.I.Y or take it to a professional but are you familiar with your state laws and regulations on window tinting? Going beyond the legal limit of tinting can cost you a fine and a defect notice meaning you would have to bring your car over the pits. This has now not only cost you money but your time spent to put the tint on as well as getting it removed. Here is what you need to know:

The Law

All vehicles in Western Australia must not have a film applied to its windscreen apart from a protective band across the top providing it is above the surface area of the wipers and does not affect primary vision. The band area cannot be more than 10% of the windscreen unless permission has been granted by the Vehicle Safety and Standards Section.

Tint protection is measured in visible light transmission or known as VLT which is essentially the amount of light that can pass through your window. For all passenger vehicles – front side windows must have a minimum of 35% whereas rear side windows and rear window is a minimum of 20%. Click here to find out more about the tinting laws in W.A. and how they may affect you.

What does tinting my windows do for me?

If you are sitting on the fence about tinting your windows then you may want to take some notes. Window tint provides a protective layer that not only removes glare but also blocks out harmful UV rays which we all know can do some considerable damage to your skin. These rays can also infiltrate their way into the interior of your car and damage any parts exposed to the light. By adding tint to your windows not only blocks harmful UV rays to humans but can also protect the interior of your car. If in doubt, it is always good to consult professionals about the best-suited options for yourself and your vehicle.

Dean’s Autoglass can tint any window of any car model and year in a few hours only. We also supply glass products and tinting services for commercial fleet and heavy machinery. You can read more on the use of tinting in there commercial and mining sectors in the article just linked.

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