Things to see in Newman

There is plenty of gorgeous spots to drive to around Newman; we compiled our team’s favourite ones for you to enjoy.   Karijini National Park   Credit: Ian Beattie Photography   Not quite situated in the heart of Newman but is most accessible from Newman following a 3 hour drive 280kms North West is the… Read more »

Things To See And Do In Kalgoorlie

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If you are planning a trip in Kalgoorlie, don’t miss on these spots and activities our Kalgoorlie team recommends!   Looking for gold!   Famously known for the gold rush in the 1900’s, Kalgoorlie offers a number of prospecting and fossicking services allowing you to hunt for gold and more. Activities can include prospecting for… Read more »

Family Day Trips Around Perth


As a local resident of the ‘sleepy city’, Perth, it’s hard to digest that our relaxed and isolated city was once a part of the top 10 most livable cities in the world ranking 7th place. Our epic beaches and relaxed lifestyle has attracted visitors from all across the world but as a local I… Read more »

Camp Your Way Through WA


It’s that time of year again where we can finally come out of hibernation and say goodbye to those cold and rainy days of winter, and welcome the lovely sunshine of spring. What better way to enjoy the good weather of spring than to visit some of Western Australia’s bests caravan parks which offer some… Read more »

Ready, Check and Go


Is your car up to scratch?   Finally the cold season is coming to an end and spring is about to bloom, bringing along a colourful array of wildflowers and the dreaded hay fever. With school holidays just around the corner and perfect weather conditions it’s time to hit the road…Jack! If you are planning… Read more »

How Rain Sensing Wipers Work


  Every year that passes technology seems to be getting better. We now have smart phones with facial recognition, smart TVs with motion sensors, smart homes you can communicate with, and even smart cars with rain sensing wipers. Now you are probably wondering how my windscreen knows when it’s raining, and you have probably been… Read more »