Ready, Check and Go


Is your car up to scratch?   Finally the cold season is coming to an end and spring is about to bloom, bringing along a colourful array of wildflowers and the dreaded hay fever. With school holidays just around the corner and perfect weather conditions it’s time to hit the road…Jack! If you are planning… Read more »

How Rain Sensing Wipers Work


  Every year that passes technology seems to be getting better. We now have smart phones with facial recognition, smart TVs with motion sensors, smart homes you can communicate with, and even smart cars with rain sensing wipers. Now you are probably wondering how my windscreen knows when it’s raining, and you have probably been… Read more »

Australia’s Best Cars 2018 Winners


Thinking about buying a new car and don’t know where to start? Purchasing a new vehicle can be quite an overwhelming experience. You’ve got family members in one ear telling you how fuel efficient their Hyundai is and a car salesman in the other explaining all the extra features you can add onto your BMW…. Read more »

How to Get the Fog Off My Windscreen


Attempting to get out of bed when your alarm goes off has become a mission and you’re probably thinking ‘is it really that time again’? The mornings have become darker and colder, and it almost feels like you’ve caught a cold on that quick brisk sprint from the shower to your room. Shivering its way… Read more »

Congestion Continues to Cost Australians


Does your daily commute to work feel as though it has increased over the last few years? You are now probably thinking about why you leave 30 minutes earlier to beat peak hour traffic, skipping breakfast to make that bus or sacrificing that extra 10 minutes of sleep to catch the 7:15 am train to… Read more »

The Dangerous Roads Close to Home


  You probably drive down this road every day and you might not even know that it’s one of Perth’s most dangerous roads. The RAC has devised a list of the top 10 most dangerous roads and intersections to avoid in Perth, but what determines a road more dangerous from another? There are a number… Read more »