Relive The Glory Days with WA Car Enthusiast Clubs

Charger-Club-of-WA-Inc -WA classic Car Enthusiast Clubs

From classic and vintage cars, to brand new makes and models, these Western Australian car enthusiast clubs let you relive a great era of Australian motoring. You’re out on the Perth roads one weekend and a wave of 20 classic cars cruise past you bumper to bumper, engines grunting, exhausts popping and suddenly your hit… Read more »

One Car Stolen Every Ten Minutes

Car break-in Perth 2019 - Dean's Autoglass Perth newman Kalgoorlie

One car stolen every ten minutes. When it comes to car theft, Australia is no stranger with 52,858 vehicles stolen in 2017 alone. That’s equal to one car stolen every ten minutes. A recent analysis conducted by Budget Direct showed that motor vehicle thefts across the country was costing Australians up to $880 million a… Read more »

The Ultimate Classic Car Restoration Guide

You’ve just survived the lengthy process of buying a classic car, hopefully, our Ultimate Classic Car Buyers Guide was helpful, now comes the fun part. Restoring a car can be as complicated as solving a 1000 piece puzzle blind folded or as easy as putting a few pieces of Lego together. It all depends on… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Classic Car

Guide to buy a classic car - Dean's autoglass

Buying a classic or vintage car is really no different than purchasing a standard day to day vehicle. Why are you buying a classic car? It all comes down to why are you buying the car? Understanding what your purpose is for the vehicle is the difference in being able to enjoy the experience or… Read more »

WA One Step Closer to Safer Roads, Towards Zero

Towards Zero - Safety Message

Since 2008, there has been a 27% decrease in road fatalities and seriously injured on Western Australian roads. As Easter Long weekend approaches and the level of traffic increases on our roads, communities across Western Australia band together for Blessing of the Roads 2019. What is Blessing of the Roads? The ceremony is a symbolic… Read more »