The Dangerous Roads Close to Home


  You probably drive down this road every day and you might not even know that it’s one of Perth’s most dangerous roads. The RAC has devised a list of the top 10 most dangerous roads and intersections to avoid in Perth, but what determines a road more dangerous from another? There are a number… Read more »

WA Drivers not the Worst


Another claim, another statistic Ever entered the freeway into a bumper to bumper jam only to realise there was no crash and yet there was so much congestion? That would be Western Australia’s great attempt at giving way and merging lanes. Despite some of WA’s most dangerous roads and intersections causing havoc amongst motorists, at… Read more »

TLC For Your Car Interior


Is the inside of your car starting to feel like a waste bin? Are there empty water bottles, takeout food bags and receipts littered on the floor? If you have let your car slip into this state then it is time to setup a game plan to bring the interior of your car back to… Read more »

Buying a Car? Put Your Safety First


When was the last time you considered the safety features or ratings when shopping around for a new or used car? We are often too focused on getting the price we want or making sure that the vehicle is mechanically sound and less worried about vehicle safety or what the ANCAP ratings are. To give… Read more »

Windscreen Cracked? Repairing Might Not Be Safe Enough

Despite being a cautious driver, nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with a chipped or cracked windscreen. At some stage we have all experienced being a victim of a notorious rock being flung from the driver in front of you, leaving behind a nasty chip in your windscreen and even a bill. Annoyed… Read more »